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Results of celebrating the 300th anniversary of Petrozavodsk are summed up

Petrozavodsk  - 300

On July, 4 final session of the republican organizing committee on preparation and celebrating the 300th anniversary of Petrozavodsk celebrated last weekend was held in the Government of Karelia.

As the Head of the Republic of Karelia Sergey Katanandov has noted speaking at the final session, during preparation for the holiday much was done: building of the academic and laboratory case of Petrozavodsk State University, the second part of Onego Lake embankment were put into operation, 6 objects were reconstructed, namely the National theatre of the Republic of Karelia, the Museum of Fine Arts, Nobiliary Assembly Hall and Lecture Hall of the Round Square, the Visit Center of Kizhi museum, the Candlemas Church in the district of Solomennoye; the Governor's park was restored and has assumed its historical look, Spartak Stadium was repaired.

The sum of 423 million 756 thousand roubles including 248 million 460 thousand roubles of federal investments was allocated for construction and reconstruction of objects in 1999-2003.

The capital of Karelia was decorated with the memorable mark in honour of founding Peter's factories, the monument to G.Derzhavin, the first governor of Olonets region ruled by its governor; the sign in honour of completing construction of the second part of Onego Lake embankment; the monument to soldiers, partisans and underground workers of the Karelian front; and blishing the gift sculptures Birth of Petrozavodsk from Leningrad region and Unity from the city of Joensuu, Finland.

During preparation it was repaired and painted more than 80 facades of buildings, more than 120 million roubles is spent on repair of roads in 2002-2003. At financial support of federal, republican and municipal budgets 14 printed editions (albums, collections of archival materials, books etc.) were issued.

During the holiday the unique international project The Train of Culture in which art collectives from four territories of the Republic of Karelia, Archangelsk region, provinces of Oulu and East Finland participated was realized for the first time. From June, 21 till June, 27 the train with 100 participants has visited 16 cities and settlements of Karelia and Finland, is held 22 concerts attended by 10 thousand spectators.

From June, 27 till June, 29 more than 4,5 thousand participants of more than from 140 art collectives of Russia including stars of the best academic collectives performed on Petrozavodsk stages.

Total during the anniversary more than 200 celebratory actions attended by more than 100 thousand citizens of Petrozavodsk and visitors of the city were held.

For the first time after the 17-year-long break the dramatized performance on Spartak Stadium was organized. It has gathered more than 20 thousand spectators for which 2.8 thousand participants from 89 art collectives performed. In celebrating the 300th anniversary of Petrozavodsk more than 500 officially invited Russian and foreign visitors, delegation from all regions of the Republic of Karelia have taken part. The holiday was covered by more than 150 journalists from central, regional and local mass media.

The celebration became a fine gift for the citizens of Petrozavodsk, - the Head of Karelia has told. However, Sergey Katanandov has noticed that yet not everything of what had been conceived on the initial stage of preparation was put into practice. Therefore in the near future the Government of the republic should concentrate on realization of civil-engineering designs of Besovets airport, establishing a new trolleybus route to microdistrict of Drevlyanka, etc.

The Head of the Republic has cordially thanked all members of the organizing committee for the work done and has awarded them with diplomas of the Head of the Republic of Karelia.

Andrey Raev

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