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The International Festival of Theatres of Finno-Ugric Peoples will be held in Ioshkar Ola

NA REGNUM. In the second decade of November Ioshkar Ola for the third time will become a place of celebrating the anniversary of the Vth International Festival of Theatres of Finno-Ugric Peoples. Earlier Maryi El's capital gathered national Finno-Ugric theatrical collectives in 1997 and 2002.

Mayatul in a literal translation from Mari lamgiage means "fire supported in the fireplace". For participation in this creative forum actors from Komi, Mordovia, Karelia, Udmurtiya, Hungary, Bashkortostan, Khanty-Mansiysk, Estonia, and Finland will arrive to the Mariy El's capital. The main theme and direction of the Vth International Festival of Theatres of Finno-Ugric Peoples Mayatul is further cooperation of related theatres of Russia and foreign countries with a view of mutual enrichment in development of theatrical art, appreciation of professional actors' skill in both national performances, and Russian and world dramatic art. Within the framework of the festival theatrical conference and seminar meeting of Finno-Ugric playwrights and authoritative critics and theatrologists from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and also from every republic and country participating will be held.

At these festivals actors usually try to perform plays created on the basis of national folklore or epic songs. On this forum the audience will see such performances, as Tushtya of Mordovian national theatre of drama based on Mastorava epic song, Creation of the World on Karelian-Finnish epos Kalevala, White Color of Cow-Parsnip on the novel by Zinaida Dolgova on motives of mari legends and legends, a legend-true story of the Folklore Theatre of the Republic of Komi. V.Savin Academic Drama Theatre of this republic staged Wise Parma drama by Popov created on motives of national philosophy of the Komi-Zyryan people staged, by the way, by talented Chuvash director Nikolay Korchakov. Another work of him to be presented at the festival in performance of Gornomariy Drama Theatre is a melodrama Secret of Silk Lake on Marye's play. The third competitive work from Mariy El will be presented at the festival by Mariy' Young People's Theatre which is its premiere performance on Gordeyev's drama Indian Summer staged by the art director of this collective, the Honored Art Worker of Mariy El Oleg Irkabaev.

Foreign troupes will bring very interesting performances. Last time the theatre from the city of Rakvere of the Estonian Republic presented performance on the ancient Finno-Ugric legend Wife of the Deer where three girls dream of marriage aloud, the Deer overhears their conversation chooses one of them to be his spouse... This time the Estonian collective comes with anther experimental work when the genre of the performance White Ship and Heavenly Walkers staged by Anna Tyurpnu is dreams, ghosts, fairy tales, songs and bylinas.

In the festival repertoir the work of the representative from Hungary is distinguished. This is singing inspired by Shumer poetry and Hungarian love lyrics - the Voice Theatre of Eva Kanalash Love Song of Innin the Goddess to Shu-Su-En the King. A non-Finno-Ugric troupe - Republican Academic Russian Drama Theatre of Bashkortostan, the winner of Kugu Sorta electronic festival of theatrical ethnic art held by the Mariy branch of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia participates in the festival for the first time this year as a visitor.

This creative forum has a long and interesting history. For the first time it was held in 1992 in Izhevsk, the capital of Udmurtiya. It became a significant event in the history of development of scenic art of the related peoples living both in Russia, and in the near foreign country of Estonia, and outside the former USSR - in Finland and Hungary. The IInd festival was held in 1994 in the Finnish city of Nurmes where the Mariy theatre presented its performance on Yuri Baiguza's and Vasily Pekteev's play on motives of works of the classics of the Mariy literature Sergey Chavayn Oksa Tul (Shine of coins). Further Ioshkar Ola maintained this tradition and in 1997 the Shketan Mariy National Theatre welcomed guests of the IIIrd International Festival of Theatres of Finno-Ugric Peoples Mayatul. Then the decision was made to make the festival biennial. Unfortunately, it did not happen. The IVth Festival gathered after a five year break - in the next century. The Republic of Mariy El initiated its continuation in 2002. Guests of the IVth Festival were nine collectives from Russia and the Republic of Estonia.

The next forum of the Finno-Ugric theatres will finish on November 28 by the premiere of Saloka in the new version of director Vasily Domrachev on the eve of the 85th birthday of M.Shketan Mariy National Drama Theatre. This is what Mariy El Online informs about.

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