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Artur Parfenchikov on the construction of the Perinatal Center: "We all bear an immense responsibility wherever there is an issue concerning constitutional and social rights of citizens"

On March 3rd, Artur Parfenchikov, the Acting Head of Karelia, checked the construction of the Perinatal Center in Petrozavodsk in person. Facility commissioning is planned by the end of this year.

The Head of the Republic inspected the internal premises of the future Perinatal Center and held a out-of-office meeting at the construction site. The participants of the meeting, including members of the Karelian Government and representatives of building organizations, discussed the main areas of concern. The deadlines for initial actions necessary to catch up with the schedule were determined.

According to the representative of the building organization, in March the building's heating system will be completed, which will significantly speed up the work. Artur Parfenchikov will monitor the progress of construction on a monthly basis, and the next meeting is scheduled for early April.

The Acting Head of Karelia expressed his hope that the Perinatal Center will accept the first patients already by the new year.

"We all bear an immense responsibility wherever there is an issue concerning constitutional and social rights of citizens. Everyone should keep this in mind, because together we are building a facility that is connected with the life support of our youngest citizens. I wanted to tell the builders, 'Do you understand what kind of facility you are building? After all, your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will be born here.' There must be a completely different attitude to this facility. Here, as they say, you should act with a strong sense of duty," said Artur Parfenchikov at the close of the meeting.

The Perinatal Center with 130 beds and modern medical equipment is being built in Petrozavodsk as part of the Program for the Development of Perinatal Centers in the Russian Federation. The construction of this important social facility is under the control of the President of Russia and the State Commission on Preparation for the 100th Anniversary of Karelia.

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