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Timur Ivanov, Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia: "Petrozavodsk Presidential Cadet School is a point of growth for the region"

Timur Ivanov, the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation and Artur Parfenchikov, the Acting Head of Karelia, inspected the construction of the Petrozavodsk Presidential Cadet School.

At the construction site in the area of Komsomolsky Prospekt, the buildings of the new school are rapidly growing. Under the state contract concluded on September 22, 2016, the first stage of construction includes the main educational and administrative building, a dining room for 900 places, three dormitories, each for 120 people, a sports complex, a parade ground and a checkpoint. These buildings fully provide the educational process for the first students of the institution.

The main three-story building will house classrooms, staff rooms, school hall for 600 seats, medical office, a book storeroom for 35,000 books, a canteen, a convenience store, and a barbershop.

"This is the fifth Presidential Cadet School being built in the Russian Federation. It is a standard solution and one of the best in terms of equipment. The same school was built in the city of Sevastopol. I am sure that the Petrozavodsk School will also hit the top list and will become a good example of the social facilities' construction done by Ministry of Defense of Russia. This, of course, is a point of growth for the region," noted Timur Ivanov, the Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia, during the construction site's inspection.

According to the experts of the Chief Directorate for Troop Accommodations, as of today, 315 workers and 11 engineers are working at the facility and 23 units of equipment are involved. The foundation works for all buildings are completed, the building services are being cabled, and the preparation for interior works is being carried out. The in situ concrete works will be completed in May.

Timur Ivanov noted the positive dynamics of the pace of construction: as of today, the site is fully provided with financing, and all positive conclusions of the examination and construction documents have been received.

"We keep to schedule, nevertheless, an additional task is set to increase the number of workers and equipment on the site, including the transition to a three-shift schedule in summer, in order to complete the entire first stage of construction by August 1," noted Timur Ivanov.

According to Artur Parfenchikov, the Acting Head of Karelia, the authorities of the Republic and the city of Petrozavodsk face the task of identifying the distinctive feature, the "highlight" of our cadet school.

"I think this issue should be discussed with the citizens. As soon as the second stage of construction is completed, the school will become a serious object of sports, cultural, and educational life not only in the Republic, but in the entire North-West. The classical architectural solution of the complex will become a beautiful site for Petrozavodsk. In addition, it is a socially significant project for us: 330 people will get a job, and the school infrastructure fully equipped for the harmonious development of children will be used for regional and international children's events," said Artur Parfenchikov.

Presidential cadet schools are in great demand, the enrollment competition is 6-8 people per seat. By September 1, the Petrozavodsk School will receive 360 children from different regions of Russia to the fifth, sixth and seventh forms. Meanwhile, the teaching staff, including local specialists, is being recruited.

The second stage involves the construction of four dormitories, a swimming pool, ice rink, open stadium, sports grounds, second checkpoint and parking lot, as well as the park zone amenities. Starting from September 1st, 2018, after the completion of all works, 840 cadets will study at the Petrozavodsk School.

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