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Creation of the tourist village of Varishpelda in Vodlozersky National park
Contact person: Oleg V.Chrvyakov,
Lasse Koivunen (in Finland)
Fax/Telephone: (+7-8142) 764-379; +358-9-878 2482 (Finland)
Web-page of the project: not any

To what kind of tourism does the project belong?
cultural tourism
Purpose of the project: (brief description)
The purpose of the project "Varishpelda Village" is development of ecological tourism in Vodlozersky National park on the basis of preservation and use of local cultural traditions of Vodlozero lakeside.

According to the overall goal within the framework of the project the following tasks are solved:

  • preservation of local traditions in architecture, crafts, nature management
  • preservation of unique cultural landscape of Vodlozersky National park
  • organization of hosting, accommodation and rendering service to the tourists according to the traditional life of northern Russian village of the beginning of XX centry
  • development of ecologized agriculture, introduction of individual business and family contracts in the sphere of tourist service, development of ecological education on the basis of local cultural traditions of Vodlozero lakeside.
At what stage is the project?
the project is already under implementation since 2000
Additional information on realization of the project
- the general plan of the Village of Varishpelda supposing construction of new and restoration of the ancient wooden houses intended for residing of resident population and accommodation of tourists is realized. By now 3 guest houses are equipped, the souna and the summer dining room with kitchen and a chimney hall are constructed.
- the working chapel of Tikhvin Mother of God (XIX century) has been restored
- in 2001 within the framework of the project the specialized scientific educational tourist programs including the International scientific conference "The Person and the Environment in the Barents Region of XXI century", the International expo-symposium "Colors of Vodlozero lakeside", practical work of students of geographical faculty of St.-Petersburg State University are successfully realized.
The author/head of the project:
official institution
Are there partners for the project now?
Open Company Varishpelda Country Economy
St.-Petersburg State University
A.F.Tarasenko's individual restoration enterprise (Petrozavodsk)
Whom from Finland/the Republic of Karelia would you like to have as partners of your project?
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland
Center of the Environment of Finland
Wood and Park service of Finland
Wood college of Kuru
Travel agencies and farms
What kind of cooperation with Finland/the Republic of Karelia would you like to establish in the future?
exchange of experience, education, joint projects and technical assistance
Has the project received financing within the framework of any other program?
Does the project provide the opportunity to become a part of Interreg project?
Does the project provide the opportunity to become a part of any other program? Which one?

We kindly ask to send the filled questionnaires by e-mail to (or by fax +358 9 1341 7039, if there is no opportunity to use e-mail). Thanks.

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