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04.10.2001 - Kotlas bridge has been solemnly put into operation in Archangels region

Kotlas bridge has been solemnly put into operation in Archangels region

PETROZAVODSK, October 3. /SeverInform/. A new 1251 meters long motor vehicle bridge has been solemnly put into operation in Archangels region near town of Kotls. The idea of its building dates from 70-s when it had become necessary to join Kotlas, a large industrial centre in the south of Archangels region, with the left bank of the river Severnaya Dvina.

The construction had been started in 1996 and had been stopped a few times due to the lack of means. Only within the past two years the means were assigned on e regular basis. It should be mentioned that the building has constantly been under personal control of the Head of administration of the region A.A.Yefremov, and due to this fact it has become possible to finish this significant construction exactly by October 2, 2001. A lot of distinguished visitors have presented at the opening ceremony, including guests from federal ministries and departments, Heads of Vologda region and Republic of Komi. The length of the bridge is 1251 meters, the height of thoroughfare above the level of water is 28 meters. The cost of the object is 765 million roubles.

Through commissioning the Kotlas bridge into operation the opportunity has appeared to start the transportation from Europe through Karelia and Archangels region to Republic of Komi and further to the Urals. While opening the Kotlas bridge Governoe Anatoly Yefremov said: "Its hard to overestimate the importance of the bridge, since it is a key object of the thoroughfare of the Northern transportation passage. It will link St.-Petersburg, Archangels region, Republic of Komi, Komi-Perm autonomous district and Perm. The bridge is also of great value for the region: the unimpeded traffic towards the town of Kotlas, a large transportation junction, will become possible for many of the Northwest regions; thus we will get rid of annual brtaks in Spring and Autumn during drifting of ice at times of freeze-up and thaw". The head of administration of Archangelsk region has thanked the Federal road service and State service of road economy for their large contribution to Kotlas bridge building.

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