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Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev met with Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen

On June 23rd as part of the working visit to Karelia Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister of Russia, had a meeting with Alexander Khudilainen, the Head of the Republic.

During the meeting they discussed the issues of socio-economic development of Karelia and the approved federal target program "Development of the Republic of Karelia until 2020". Besides, Dmitry Medvedev once again focused on the plans for gasification of Karelia and renewal of the work of the Onega Shipyard, which he visited on arrival to the Republic.

"Gasification is always important, serious, very useful for the people, and in Karelia, no need to conceal - long-awaited. I hope that the movement in this direction will be continued", Dmitry Medvedev noted, speaking about the supplying gas to the city of Olonets an hour earlier via teleconference at the Russian regions gasification meeting.

The Prime Minister outlined the importance of the joint work of the Government of Russia and the Regional Authorities. As a result it was possible to restore production at the Onega Shipyard in Petrozavodsk. It should be recalled that Dmitry Medvedev and Alexander Khudilainen visited the enterprise and discussed future plans with the workers on the new orders for Karelian shipbuilders from the State.

'The Enterprise was not active for 2.5 years, people have now been brought back. It is good that in this situation, both the Federal Government and regional leaders were involved so that now the factory has started working again. I hope that there will be good orders, and a decent salary, and in accordance, normal life for workers. So, despite the rather difficult financial and economic situation in the country and in the region, still there is progress', the Russian Prime Minister said.

For his part, Alexander Khudilainen thanked the Government of Russia for the attention to Karelia, development of the infrastructure of the Republic, which increases investors' interest in the region.

'There is no doubt that those courtesies which are addressed today by the federal center to the Republic of Karelia have already showed the increased interest of investors. Everyone understands that Karelia is under close attention of the Government and the President. Of course, today it is not only the tourism potential, not just a tourist attraction but also many investors who are coming to the deep processing of forest and mining', the Head of Karelia said.

Alexander Khudilainen showed Dmitry Medvedev the migration processes data in the Republic, which proves that the people see the changes, and fewer leave Karelia. According to the Head, 3 years ago 2.5-3 thousand people were leaving Karelia annually, but now this process has decreased significantly.

'We have the scientific and educational potential, we have everything for Karelia to become a very attractive region for life', Alexander Khudilainen said.

In the conversation, Dmitry Medvedev reminded that on June 9th he had approved a federal target program for the development of Karelia until 2020.

“Frankly speaking, now we rarely approve new programs for obvious reasons - there is not enough money. So the sources of funding should be finally determined on all routes and the development in the framework of this large federal program should be continued”, the Prime Minister said of the task for the Republican Government.

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