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Memorable Capsule was Buried to Honor Construction of New Gogolevsky Overpass in Petrozavodsk

The symbolic capsule burial ceremony took place in Petrozavodsk in the place of construction of Gogolevsky overpass. Chairman of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin, Minister of Transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov, Head of the Federal Road Agency Roman Starovoyt, Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilaynen and acting Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic Nikolay Makarov took part in the gala event.

The project for construction of the overpass above the railway aligned with Gogolya Street in Petrozavodsk was included into the Federal Target Program for the Republic of Karelia's Development up to 2020. The Government of Russia plans to allot more than one billion Rubles for bringing the first stage of the project into life. Karelia has already received the tranche in the amount of 600 million Rubles. The design documents have already successfully passed state expert examination.

The Speaker of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin and Minister of Transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov congratulated all Petrozavodsk residents with long awaited start of construction of Gogolevsky overpass.

"There are several events in the Republic of Karelia today which demonstrate large-scaled development of the transport infrastructure, the city of Petrozavodsk and the whole region. Repaired and built anew sections of roads were commissioned, the work was done in time and the quality of it is high. This is the result of well-thought out and responsible work of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the leaders of the Republic of Karelia and Petrozavodsk," Sergey Naryshkin said.

He thanked the colleagues for their persistence and adherence to principles which allowed to find the required funds and consequently realize projects for reconstruction and updating of the road network.

"Perfection of transport infrastructure is one of the priority directions of socioeconomic development of our country which provides an opportunity for business, tourism to develop and is a necessary condition for comfortable life of the people. I am sure that residents of Karelia will appreciate this work, " Sergey Naryshkin emphasized.

Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Sokolov wished residents of Petrozavodsk soonest completion of the work.

"Several years ago when this overpass was closed, it actually broke districts of the capital of Karelia into parts, creating serious inconveniences for drivers and public transport. The decision taken by the Government of the Russian Federation for allotment of funds at the expense of the Platon System to bring this project into life, will push not only the development of Petrozavodsk road infrastructure but also city planning and development as the districts, which will be connected with the main part of the city, are beautiful and promising from the point of view of construction of new residential houses," Maxim Sokolov said.

Thanks to introduction of the Platon System collecting payments from large-capacity trucks, this year more than 20 regions and cities of the Russian Federation obtained 11 billion Rubles on the whole for solution of the most urgent tasks. Federal transfers also came to Karelia: 600 million for building Gogolevsky overpass, 700 million for repairs of regional and city roads.

"We'll certainly support direction of these funds to such important for residents of our country projects," Maxim Sokolov added.

The Head of the Republic Alexander Khudilaynen promised to control the work on Gogolevsky overpass construction.

"Undoubtedly, the contest procedures will take some time but I am sure that by the end of September all machinery and equipment required for dismantling of the old overpass and start of construction of the new one will appear on the site, and in the end of 2017 we'll be rejoicing together and celebrating commissioning of the new project," Alexander Khudilaynen said.

The historical moment was certified by the symbolic capsule which was placed into the memorable pedestal by the foundation of the overpass. It is said in the message: "The memorial capsule was buried to honor construction of the overpass above the railway aligned with Gogolya Street, city of Petrozavodsk. Date of the capsule's burial: August 25, 2016."

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