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100 Roads in Karelia: More Than Half of Petrozavodsk Street Repairs Planned for 2016 Are Finished

On September 15 the Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilaynen together with the Head of Petrozavodsk urban district Irina Miroshnik and public inspectors checked up the quality of city street repairs yet another time.

Large-scaled street repairs are carried out as a part of the "100 Roads in Karelia" project. This year the unprecedented amount of 700 million Rubles was transferred from the federal budget for its implementation. The most part of the money - 450 million Rubles - was directed to Petrozavodsk.

Before touring the streets, the participants of the meeting on site familiarized themselves with the information on the interactive map demonstrating repairs of city streets. The sections planned for repairs in 2016 are shown there. You can also familiarize yourself with this map on the city administration website at:

After that the Head of Karelia together with inspectors from socially active public checked up the quality of the new surface in Komsomolsky avenue and Rovio street, Lososinskoye highway, Lesnoy avenue and Universitetskaya Street.

According to the Head of Petrozavodsk, this year the most worn out and actively used streets were repaired. But there is still a lot of work ahead. Thus, for example, the patching repairs will go on after the date of the contract's end.

The repairs process is controlled by socially active people - in all places and at all stages. The group of inspectors consists of 14 city residents - socially active people, retired people, experts in various fields, including road building. Thanks to cooperation of public inspectors and city authorities, it is possible to eliminate the found out defects in time. It is necessary to add that additional public control does not cancel expert control, expert examinations and laboratory tests.

The socially active people mentioned that the work in Rovio Street and Komsomolsky Avenue is of high quality. Residents of Universitetskaya Street are also satisfied with the repairs. The Head of Karelia was told that they ask to continue asphalt laying in the new season in the direction of the university swimming-pool. Alexander Khudilaynen and Irina Miroshnik were told that many city residents are asking to continue patching repairs in the streets not included in the plan this year.

"Maxim Sokolov, the Minister of Transport of Russia, and Roman Starovoyt, the Head of the Federal Road Agency Rosavtodor, liked the Karelian experience in public control very much during their recent visit to Petrozavodsk. It's fairly possible that it will be spread all over the country. Socially active people draw up the program themselves, they control the quality of its carrying out, they make those responsible eliminate defects which is more effective in case of contractors," Alexander Khudilaynen said.

"I, as a resident of Petrozavodsk and like many other residents see every day how many machines and equipment are operating in the streets, and I can appraise the speed and quality of the work. I'd like everything to be like that every summer. Unfortunately the possibilities of the regional and city budget are not so great. But thanks to the active joint work we have a chance to get a new tranche next year for improvement of the road network's quality," he said.

The work in the city road arteries is carried out by two contractors: PSK Stroitel LLC and Remstroycomplect LLC, their speed of work differs. If the first of them fulfills the contract ahead of time, it will help the other as a subcontractor in order to manage to complete all the work before October 31 - the date when the contract ends. But most likely they will manage to finish the work much earlier - by October 15-20. On the whole, more than half of the city streets, where repairs were planned, are already repaired by now.

"We are happy that there are much less stickers on car back windows "Like Authorities Like Roads" in recent months. People see that we are working, trying to improve the quality of roads and consequently the quality of life, and their mood changes for the best," the Head of the region said finishing the examination.

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