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Agreement on Attraction of Big Chinese Corporation SINOMEC to Construction of Beloporozhskaya HPPs Was Signed in the Government of Karelia

Today, on November 16, general contractor Karelstroymekhanizatsiya JSC and subcontractor China State Energy Engineering Corporation SINOMEC signed a subcontract in the Government of Karelia to build power supply network facilities as a part of implementation of the Beloporozhskaya HPPs Project in Kemsky district.

The ceremony took place chaired by the Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilaynen, in the presence of the heads of republican executive authorities, enterprises Nord Hydro JSC, Karelstroymekhanizatsiya JSC, representatives of China State Energy Engineering Corporation SINOMEC and LLC China Construction Bank.

Greeting the delegation of foreign partners, Alexander Khudilaynen mentioned that the news about the start of the ambitious project's implementation for construction of Beloporozhskaya HPPs in Karelia became a sensation not only for Russian mass media: it was many times repeated by central TV channels of the People's Republic of China.

"We are very happy that representatives of China know where Karelia is located and take part in implementation of this project together with one of our most powerful construction companies. You will create the power engineering infrastructure which will provide delivery of electric power from Beloporozhskaya HPPs to the united energy system of Russia. This is a great honor for our Republic. Welcome to Karelia!" Alexander Khudilaynen said.

The subcontract provides for construction of 8-kilometer-long power transmission line and other power supply network facilities to join small hydroelectric power plants of Beloporozhskaya HPP-1 and Beloporozhskaya HPP-2 to the networks of PJSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System. The amount of finances to be spent on construction of the line is 1 billion 100 million rubles.

China State Energy Engineering Corporation SINOMEC has a great experience in construction of high-voltage lines in China and beyond its borders. Beloporozhskaya HPPs are the first project in which it participates not only as an investor but also as a subcontractor.

"Today we are signing a subcontract - it's a very important and big event for SINOMEC. We are happy to take part in implementation of a project exactly in Karelia which we know as a wonderful republic. We can guarantee that we have all the required experience and knowledge to promote ecologically clean projects here", Mr. Lee Yang, the Vice-President of SINOMEC Corporation, emphasized. He expressed his hope that the company would take part in implementation of other investment projects on the territory of Karelia.

Nikolay Makarov, Director General of Karelstroymekhanizatsiya JSC, congratulated Mr. Lee Yang and his team with getting a reliable contractor and his own company with exactly SINOMEC being its subcontractor at the crucial section where work is carried out. This is the first experience in partnership with a Chinese company for Karelstroymekhanizatsiya.

"The difficult period when all the items of the contract were coordinated, is over. Yesterday we have reached complete mutual understanding, and as a sign of acknowledgement of our understanding each other, Mr. Lee Yang thought it possible to pin the Karelstroymekhanizatsiya company's badge to his jacket", Nikolay Makarov said.

Alexey Vinogradov, Managing Director of Nord Hydro JSC - the company implementing the Beloporozhskaya HPPs construction project - thanked the Government of Karelia, SINOMEC Corporation and Karelstroymekhanizatsiya JSC for their trust and a lot of joint work done to coordinate the project.

"I am sure in the success of our cooperation and I am very happy that this takes place in Karelia. We already have ideas for future joint promising projects", Alexey Vinogradov told those present.

"We are creating history with our own hands", Alexander Khudilaynen mentioned after Nikolay Makarov, Director General of Karelstroymekhanizatsiya JSC, and Mr. Lee Yang, Senior Vice-President of China State Energy Engineering Corporation SINOMEC, signed the document and shook hands.

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