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Parabola Group intends to build new agricultural enterprises in Karelia

Two investment projects are being implemented in the Republic and are aimed at agro-processing and developing of the fishing industry. On March 13, Artur Parfenchikov, the Acting Head of Karelia, met with the representatives of the Parabola Group to discuss the prospects for cooperation.

Parabola Group, the Russian group of companies, plans to build a cheese production plant and some enterprises in Karelia that will be engaged in fish cultivation and processing, as well as in fish feed production. This information was provided by Alexander Rusakov, the general director of Karelian Cheeses LLC and Regional Center for Aquaculture Development LLC and Maxim Nikitin, the Head of the investment project.

The factory for making semi-hard cheeses with a capacity of 1.5 thousand tons of cheese per year is already under construction in the Rypushkalitsy village of the Olonets region. The start of production is planned for the third quarter of this year. Ilyinskoe breeding farm and Megrega meat farm will supply milk for the new enterprise.

According to Vsevolod Telitsyn, the Minister of Agriculture, Fish and Hunting Industry, the existence of such a plant will solve many social issues in the Regions and allow moving to the next stage of production development in the Republic, which is to increase the number of farm animals.

Another investment project is related to the fishing industry. A plant for producing extruded fish feeds and bioadditives with a capacity of 40-50 thousand tons per year is going to be built in Petrozavodsk. In addition, according to investors, they are interested in organizing a fish processing plant and in the production of trout.

Artur Parfenichkov, the Acting Head of Karelia, offered the businessmen assistance from the Government of the Republic and possible options of cooperation.

"Any path starts with the first step. We are ready to take it," Alexander Rusakov, the representative of Parabola Group, said of these proposals.

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