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Artur Parfenchikov: "We will update the federal target program for the development of Karelia"

The Acting Head of the region commented on the results of the meeting of the State Commission on Preparation for the 100th Anniversary of the Republic, held in Moscow.

Artur Parfenchikov

Artur Parfenchikov

The realization of the Federal Target Program for the Development of Karelia is one of the main tasks that the regional government will address jointly with the federal administration. This was stated by Artur Parfenchikov while commenting on the results of the meeting of the State Commission on Preparations for the 100th Anniversary of the Republic, which was held today in Moscow.

The Acting Head of the Republic noted that the State Commission has accomplished a lot in previous years. For example, the construction of some significant for the Republic objects has started and is in process, such as the construction of the Perinatal Center and the Presidential Cadet School.

"At this point, it is necessary to intensify our joint efforts. The activity of the State Commission Until will end soon. Of course, it is necessary to take advantage of the competence and authority of the State Commission in full. At the meeting several points were very clearly specified, like the need for financial support of Karelia by the Federal Treasury, and the need to determine the measures aimed at improving the republican budget and making it a budget of development. Nikolai Patrushev, the Secretary of the Russian Federation Security Council, the chairman of the Commission, made a number of strong instructions," said Artur Parfenchikov.

The Acting Head of the Republic also added that the issue of the FTP updating is also on the agenda.

"The Federal Target Program is not a dogma, it can be specified, revised, it can include new objects, which today we consider to be priority for the Republic. The main issue is - and it was also raised at the meeting - that the decisions taken by the State Commission as a part of the relevant procedures should be properly provided with financing," Artur Parfenchikov added.

In addition, the Acting Head of the Republic noted that the participants of the meeting discussed in detail how to intensify interregional cooperation as a part of agreements concluded between Karelia and some other regions of the Russian Federation. Special attention is also paid to the international cooperation with the Chinese province of Fujian. According to Artur Parfenchikov, many interesting joint projects are being discussed.

"We are expecting Chinese business and Chinese tourists. There are a number of exciting proposals in the field of medicine, and natural raw materials processing. Tomorrow the delegation of Karelia will leave for China, and I hope we will come to implementation of concrete lines of cooperation: in machine industry, power engineering, and agriculture. We will look for all possible growth areas for the development of the economy of the Republic and the solution to important social problems," explained the Head of the Republic.

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