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Day of the Republic of Karelia - 2017: old Karelian town of Olonets welcomes guests

On June 10, an old Karelian town of Olonets will host the Day of the Republic. The Olonets region is national, so the holiday here will have a pronounced national spirit. On this day Olonets will turn into a fairy-tale city, and its squares and streets will capture guests by the world of Karelian hospitality. A detailed program of festive events was presented today at a briefing in the Government of the Republic.

For the fifth year in a row, the Days of the Republic of Karelia are held in different regions; since 2013 the place of celebration is determined based on the results of competitive selection. The holiday has already been held in Pryazha, Kondopoga, Sortavala and Kostomuksha. This time Olonets hosts the event, with the main celebrations to be held on June 10.

Olonets is one of the oldest cities in the Republic, and it used to be the administrative center of the entire Karelia, and this fact will be reflected in the themes of events that will be held on the day of the Holiday.

According to Alexei Lesonen, the Minister of Culture, Olonets region prepared an unusual concept of the Day of the Republic, and the director's idea has its own zest.

"The whole city will be divided into thematic zones. In every zone each guest will find something interesting. On the Day of the Republic, Olonets and Karelia will become the center of attention of numerous guests: those who are interested not only in cultural events, but also in traveling," the Minister said.

According to the organizers, on June 10, Olonets will turn into a fairy-tale city. The "fairy-tale map" will include the Street of Craftsmen and Ecological Street, Historical Lane, Fairground, and Karelian Book.

The city received 50 million rubles from the Republican budget to prepare the holiday. Sergei Prokopiev, the head of the Administration of the Olonets National Municipal District, said that most of the funds from this amount were directed to the improvement and renovation of the city: the facades of houses were renovated, the buildings and institutions were repaired, streets and territories were landscaped.

Unlike all other cities that hosted the Day of the Republic, Olonets has its own logo of the holiday - birch bark rattle. This is the new brand of the Olonets region and the Republic. It was developed by local artists Elena Novikova and Roman Leontiev. This rattle is an old toy-rattle from the birch bark, which was a popular toy of children in Olonets province for ages.

"We will introduce this toy and offer the guests of the holiday to make it, in order to give it to the children who were born that day," said Elena Brussuyeva, the Deputy Head of the Administration of the Olonets Region.

All the guests of the celebrations on June 10 will enjoy festive events, performances and shows, and the national spirit of Olonets in everything - dances, songs, and costumes.

In the park the reconstruction of medieval Karelia will be performed. There will be a festival of wooden fairy-tale sculptures, a special cancellation of a postage stamp dedicated to the Day of the Republic, and a presentation of a commemorative coin of the series "Ancient Cities of Russia" with a face value of 10 rubles.

Traditionally, the exhibition-presentation of the Metropolitan Regions of the Republic will tell the story of their history, achievements, industry, production and tourism. Along with that, the trade fair of arts and crafts will introduce goods and products of local craftsmen.

Residents and visitors of the city will be able to participate in demonstration and practical workshops about Karelian crafts and visit the amateur photo exhibition "Photo-drying." A festive ceremony of awarding family couples with a family experience of more than 50 years, and a festival of Finno-Ugric youth "Karjalan nuorus" ("Youth of Karelia") will also take place.

The festive program will be held on the Main Stage in Gagarin Square. The audience will see a theatrical performance with the participation of creative collectives of Karelia and St. Petersburg, and amateur collectives of Olonets region. The popular celebrities are also expected to perform. The organizers keep their names a secret, but they assure that they will satisfy the taste of the audience with different musical interests.

In general, a lot of surprises are expected on this day. One of them, for example, is prepared by the Olonets weavers.

The local Ded Moroz Pakkaine will also take part in the holiday and conduct a workshop on the game in kyykkya. The Finnish Santa Claus and the New Year's gnome Tonto will come to play with him this traditional Karelian game.

Residents of Olonets and Olonets district are actively preparing for the holiday and promise to share the atmosphere of a national Karelian city with the guests.

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