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Oleg Safonov, Head of Rosturizm, praised the development of the tourism industry in Karelia

On June 13, Artur Parfenchikov, the Acting Head of the Republic, discussed the development of the tourism industry in the region with Oleg Safonov, the Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism, who arrived in Karelia on a business trip. The teamwork program for the heads for the next two days includes the inspection of roads to the natural monument White Bridges and the Ruskeala mountain park, which are currently under construction.

The development of tourism in different parts of Karelia - from Ladoga region to Zaonezhie and the White Sea - was discussed at the meeting. One of the most important topics was the creation of a campground system for motoring tourists.

Karelia, located along the border, attracts foreign tourists who travel by car. The creation of a system of camping sites in these places will contribute to the economic development of the Republic.

"In Europe it is a huge, giant industry that brings tens of billions of euros annually," said the Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism.

According to Oleg Safonov, Karelia is an active participant in the implementation of the Federal Target Program "Development of Domestic and Inbound Tourism." Next year, 270 million rubles will be allocated to the Republic from the federal budget. The private sector will be engaged in co-financing the activities of the program. At the moment, new jobs are being created, and tourism is developing in southern Karelia.

Oleg Safonov thanked Artur Parfenchikov for the attention that the head of the region pays to the development of tourism.

"We see very prominent positive dynamics in Karelia, which have been observed for the past several years. And this year we see them too. We believe that we must jointly solve the issues that Karelia faces," emphasized the Head of Rosturizm.

The Acting Head of the Republic has outlined the main goals of the development of the tourism industry for the current year - the construction of roads to the White Bridges waterfalls and the Ruskeala mountain park.

The construction of the road to the natural monument White Bridges is planned to be completed by August 27.

"This will be a big push for the development of tourism, of course, focused on caravanning, in the first place," said Artur Parfenchikov.

A new contractor will be recruited for the construction of the road section to the Ruskeala Park, as the former contractor has not fulfilled its obligations. According to Alexei Lesonen, the Minister of Culture of the Republic, this week tendering procedures will begin, and a state contract will be concluded with a new contractor. A lighted road to the mountain park with a parking complex for 800 cars will be constructed. It will bypass the village on the other side to ensure safety and not to disturb residents with passing buses.

Now Ruskeala receives about 300 thousand visitors. The construction of a new road will allow for doubling the flow of tourists.

During a joint trip to Ladoga, Artur Parfenchikov and Oleg Safonov will also discuss the support to Sortavala as a tourist center and the development of various types of tourism on the White Sea.

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