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In August, the construction of the Regional Center for Artistic Gymnastics will begin in Petrozavodsk

With these words the director of the contractor assured the participants of the meeting, which was held by Rashid Nurgaliev, the Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, last Wednesday in the Government of the Republic.

During the meeting, issues related to the implementation of the project for the construction of a modern gymnastics center in the capital of Karelia were discussed.

We are ready to assist the developer company in reaching an early agreement with the service providers, and the city administration will also provide it with the opportunity to free-of-charge landfill the construction debris created by the demolition of the former buildings foundation. When possible, we will help builders with machinery, said Andrei Ivanov, the Deputy Head of Petrozavodsk and Chairman of the Committee on Economy and Management of Municipal Property.

The construction of the Regional Center for Artistic Gymnastics that meets all modern requirements in Petrozavodsk in the area of Povenetskaya Street is planned as part of the State Commission on the Preparation for the Celebration of the 100th anniversary of Karelia. The Center includes a universal sports hall, locker rooms, a gym, a coaches room, a buffet and administrative and business premises. In addition, a sports and concert complex Karelia-Arena will be built in the capital of the Republic on Komsomolsky Prospekt.

The Deputy Secretary of the Security Council explained that 130 million rubles of funds necessary for the construction of the Gymnastic Center have been already transferred to the Fund of the "100th Anniversary of the Republic of Karelia" and noted that next year the Center should be built, fully equipped and put onto the books of Petrozavodsk. An agreement has been reached to significantly reduce the subsequent costs of the city treasury for the maintenance and operation of a new facility:

The Center for Artistic Gymnastics is being built without a dormitory. At the same time, a large sports dormitory will be built on the Kurgan and will be shared with the biathlon center. Therefore, the dormitory will be operated all year round, and will become self-sustaining, said Rashid Nurgaliev.

During the meeting it was noted that the new sports facility will be ready for use upon the construction completion.

An agreement was concluded with Vasily Titov, the president of the Federation of Artistic Gymnastics, which states that the constructed complex that will meet the requirements of world level of sports standards will also be equipped with the best modern sports equipment for gymnastics. This is also a

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