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Today at the Petrovsky distillery the production launch ceremony took place

Artur Parfenchikov, the Acting Head of Karelia, and Alexander Glus, the new owner of the company, the president of AlcoWorld LLC, took part in the ceremony of the production line launch.

The Petrovsky distillery is one of the oldest enterprises in the industry: the work in its units began even before the revolution, in 1897. For more than a century, the plant has accumulated vast experience in the production of various kinds of vodka, liquors, fruit liqueurs and dessert drinks. The enterprise has always been notable for the high quality of its products, which has been many times awarded at Russian and international competitions.

In February 2017, the Petrovsky distillery suspended its activities. The Government of Karelia carried out work on finding an investor ready to save production, jobs, tax revenues and to resume production. Following the results of an open auction for the sale of the property complex and trademarks of the Petrozavodsk Petrovsky distillery, held in April 2017, the company AlcoWorld, registered in Karelia, was announced the winner.

According to the speech of Alexander Glus, the president of AlcoWorld, at the opening ceremony today, it is planned to create modern production facilities based on the Petrovsky distillery, which, in terms of its capabilities, will be able to compete not only with Russian but also world-class enterprises. “The needed base for achieving this goal exists. We brought here our technology of quality, marketing, and promotion. We hope that in the future, Petrovsky will become the pride of Karelia and its brand identity,” said Alexander Glus. He thanked Artur Parfenchikov for his active personal position on the prompt restoration of production, as well as for preventing the slightest bureaucratic delays in solving issues related to the opening of the production.

For his part, the Head of the region replied that he is an assistant to everyone who is ready to work for the benefit of the Republic. The Acting Head of Karelia noted that when the new owner appeared, much has changed at the enterprise. It feels like a responsible, qualified, and experienced leader has come. It is important that the personnel and the working management were fully retained. “The new owner has serious plans for the development of the production. The Government of the Republic will lend support to the Petrovsky distillery in the issues of granting land plots for the expansion of production, assistance in the organization of logistics, etc. We must do everything to ensure that the enterprise is not only preserved but also being developed. The most important thing is to stay focused and understand that this is only the first step, and we need to move forward,” said Artur Parfenchikov.

The enterprise will keep the previous selection of alcoholic products for production, and already in the nearest future the release of the unique Karelian herbal liqueur, which is in demand and which is one of the recognized brands of the republic, will be restored.

The volume of alcohol production by the end of 2017 is planned at the level of 180 thousand deciliters, in 2018 - not less than 400 thousand. Tax revenues to the Republic's budget in the form of excise taxes will amount to about 400 million rubles a year.

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