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President Vladimir Putin met with Artur Parfenchikov, Acting Head of Karelia

During the meeting, which was held as part of the President's working visit to Petrozavodsk, special attention was paid to the issues of resettlement of citizens from emergency housing and conservation of the forest fund.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Head of State handed over a folder with questions that he had received from the residents of the Republic during the Direct Line to Artur Parfenchikov. The following issues were raised: the problem of timely transferring of subsidies to young families, availability of medical care in small settlements, preservation of jobs and others. You have been on duty for five months, so of course, I have no questions to you. Just draw your attention to these problem issues, Vladimir Putin noted in the conversation.

During the conversation, the case related to deforestation in the territory of Karelia was discussed. The attitude of the cutters to the forest is excessive. After felling, the cutting areas have not been removed for several years. At the same time, the forest wealth of the region and its export potential does not affect the living standards of the residents, Vladimir Putin quoted the address of the residents of the Republic.

Artur Parfenchikov informed the President that he is aware of these problems, since he travels to the regions as often as possible. The Head of the Republic told Vladimir Putin that Days of a single reception of citizens are systematically held for the direct contact with the citizens of the Republic, and other forms of communication are organized: We have now determined the connection in all possible forms, and in social networks, which is quite open, and I have direct access to all of them. We get all this information, analyze it and, of course, we are working on all these issues now.

At the meeting, the issue of resettlement of citizens from rundown and emergency housing was discussed. In particular, it was an issue with apartment buildings that were recognized as substandard by January 1, 2012, but didn't get into the corresponding program of resettlement. These 23 thousand square meters still remain. We are working with the fund. Still, we hope that in 2019 we will be able to solve this problem. We understand the complexity, but we are actively working on it, noted the Head of the Republic said.

Artur Parfenchikov informed Vladimir Putin about the intensification of work on the construction of midwife stations, and also outlined a number of issues related to obtaining cancer care at the local level and concerning the functioning of the early treatment center.

Of course, we will study all these problems again, check concrete complaints and resolve the issues, Artur Parfenchikov reassured the Head of State.

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