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Taste of Karelian Berries Will Spread Far Beyond Borders of Republic

Karelsky Produkt, a plant for processing berries, has opened in Petrozavodsk.

Today, on August 17, the production line of the Karelsky Produkt plant for processing berries was officially launched. The right of pressing the start button was awarded to Artur Parfenchikov, the Acting Head of the Republic of Karelia.

Thanks to the efforts of A. Parfenchikov, the Acting Head of the Republic, the former enterprise has a new promising owner. This June, the Petersburg company North-West Production and Trade Group won an auction for the sale of part of the property of Product Company Yagoda Karelii LLC. Over a two-month period, the modernization of production was carried out, and a staff of 50 people was assembled.

The enterprise is of high significance for all residents of the Republic. This is a complex social project, which is important not only for Petrozavodsk citizens - when it reaches full capacity, more than 100 people will work here, but also for thousands of residents of small towns and villages from the most remote areas of the Republic. The work of the plant will contribute to stable additional earnings as people will have the opportunity to sell berries at a good purchase price. This was one of the primary tasks that we set for the new leadership, said Artur Parfenchikov.

Only for the 2017 season, our company reserved over 600 million rubles for the purchase of berries, added Sergey Pokusaev, the executive director. When buying berries from people, we will avoid intermediaries and we will act through our company, Karelian Resource.

Karelsky Produkt LLC is registered in Petrozavodsk, and the planned amount of taxes to the local budget will be at least 50 million per year. The enterprise will carry out a full cycle of processing raw materials: from electronic cleaning and sorting of berries to the production of fruit and berry fillers for organizations of the dairy industry, fruit and berry puree, jam, preserves, confiture, fruit drinks in various types of packaging.

The plant has modern equipment, which allows to preserve all nutritious benefits of wild berries, such as cloudberry, blueberries, cowberries, cranberries, garden berries and fruits.

The name Karelsky Product itself says a lot and initially claims for our honorary stamp Made in Karelia. I am sure that our product will become popular not only among residents of Karelia, but also in Russia and abroad. We are working on this now, said the Head of the Republic. According to the Executive Director, sales of products are planned for different regions of Russia.

The first batch of Karelsky Product will be exclusive: after the grand opening and launch of the production, the Acting Head of the Republic of Karelia will put a signature on the labels of three dozen jars of blueberry preserves.

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