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Maxim Sokolov and Artur Parfenchikov Opened Modern Section Road at Entrance to Petrozavodsk

Maxim Sokolov, the Russian Transport Minister, and Artur Parfenchikov, the Acting Head of Karelia, opened the renovated 9-kilometer section of the Kola highway that leads to Petrozavodsk today. The new road is modern, high-quality and safe.

The access route to Petrozavodsk together with the road to the airport Petrozavodsk was transferred to federal ownership in December 2015. The roads became part of the federal R-21 Kola highway. Last year Federal Road Agency allocated funds from the federal budget for the design of heavy resurfacing, and in October construction and installation works began at the site. Its value was more than 1 billion rubles.

As a result of the heavy resurfacing, the technical characteristics of the route have improved significantly. There are four lanes instead of two: two in both directions. The route has 17.4 km of electric lighting lines, 549 illumination poles, a new system for draining water from the roadway and 94 new local sewage facilities. In addition, 233 road signs and 8 traffic lights have been installed on the route. Road builders of the VAD company, who carried out the construction, put a facility into service three months ahead of schedule.

Today a very important facility is being opened, and not only residents of the Republic and Petrozavodsk, but also many of those who come here as tourists or on business have been anticipating it. The nine-kilometer section of the road - the access route to the city - has turned into a modern route with LED lighting. All safety aspects have been fully maintained on this route, and it has become a category 2 road, said Maxim Sokolov, the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, at the opening ceremony.

He also noted that this is not the only federal highway in the Republic that is in excellent condition.

Today it is simply pleasant to drive by car along the territory of Karelia on federal routes. I can confidently say that the roads here are one of the best in the country. 90 percent of them are within specifications. The funding allocation that goes to the federal roads of Karelia is unprecedented in its size and totals almost 6 billion rubles, the Minister emphasized.

This year, these resources have been assigned by the federal road builders for bringing into the normative state the roads Kola, Sortavala, Medvezhyegorsk-Vologda and the access route to the border point of Vyartsilya which has also recently been transferred to federal ownership.

The new ultramodern highway is now a landmark of Petrozavodsk, said Artur Parfenchikov, the Acting Head of Karelia. Road construction is part of the tasks for economic development of Karelia. In the coming years, with your help included, we will bend every effort to ensure that the regional road network keeps up with the excellent quality of federal roads.

The Head of the Republic thanked the Head of the Ministry of Transport of Russia for the support and attention that are provided to Karelia for the development of the road network.

At the opening ceremony of the road section, road builders who distinguished themselves at the construction of the facility received Certificates of Acknowledgement of the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, the Head of the Republic of Karelia and the Federal Road Agency.

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