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Address of Artur Parfenchikov, Elected Head of the Republic of Karelia:

Dear residents of Karelia! Dear fellow countrymen!

On September 10, in Karelia as well as throughout Russia, the Single Voting Day was held. For the first time in 15 years, we were electing the Head of the Republic, and in fact were voting for the future of Karelia.

I am thankful to everyone who came to voting stations and made their choice, who did not remain indifferent to the fate of our Republic.

Residents of Karelia have given credence to me, and I will do everything possible to justify it. In order to honestly say in 5 years: "I have done everything that I promised."

The resettlement of citizens from emergency housing, tariff cut, revival of agriculture - when it comes to anything, I will demand complete order and the achievement of the result. The goal is simple and straightforward: I sincerely want Karelia to become a region, which its inhabitants proudly speak about.

I am grateful to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, for the opportunity to work for the benefit of my native Republic. After all, I was born and grew up in this land. My family and my friends are here. We will continue to work in open dialogue with the residents of Karelia, relying on the opinion and needs of our fellow countrymen. As we all want to live in a strong and united Republic. I'm sure that together we can achieve this.

Way to go, dear Karelia!

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