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More than 800 Karelian pupils will be trained at Sampo Technopark

Very soon, in Karelia the Children's Technopark Quantorium Sampo will open its doors for our students giving them an opportunity to learn a great number of areas in the natural sciences and technical fields for free. On October 17, there was a presentation of educational programs of the future Technopark at the "Boiling Point" site in Petrozavodsk.

Last year, the Republic of Karelia became one of the Russian regions that won a competition for a subsidy from the federal budget for the creation of technoparks. The project has been supported by Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, and aims at involving as many students as possible in design and engineering, research and development activities in various fields.

Technopark Sampo will function on the basis of the Resource Center for Development of Additional Education Rovesnik. According to Yakov Fomichev, the director, the project of creating a technopark is planned for three years:

"At the moment, additional general education programs have been developed and they are being implemented as part of networking cooperation. The teachers of the Rovesnik Center have received special training. Over 500 students have enrolled.

The guests were shown the future areas of activities of the Technopark Sampo. There are six areas in total, and the children will be engaged in a certain type of activity in each of them.

In the IT-quantum, the children will learn how to program and protect data on the Internet, in Aerokvantum, they will get acquainted with the creation of unmanned aerial vehicles, in Robotokvantum, they will be able to design and program various robots. Geoquantum will gather those who are interested in creating virtual tours, 3D maps and working with geospatial technology, in Energikvantum, it will be possible to master the principles of creating modern vehicles, and in Industrial Design Quantum - to create innovative products.

The idea of the Sampo Technopark is that children, while playing, study advanced technology and learn how to use theoretical inventions in practice under the guidance of experienced teachers and experts.

While participating in the project, the child does not play the role of a student writing down lectures and completing the tasks of the teacher, but the role of a full member of a small team of developers or scientists who solve a certain high-tech task. The uniqueness of this approach is that each child has an opportunity to get to know different aspects of the production of high-tech innovations at first hand and, perhaps, to choose for themselves some specific area of activity that will later become their profession.

The Republic of Karelia understands the importance of developing the technical creativity of children and students in the education system, as this is a factor for the region's economic growth in the future. Larisa Podsadnik, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Social Affairs, noted:

Today, we saw and understood the main thing: what we present is that our children really enjoy. It is worth living and working for. It often happens that we are trying to impose or come up with some values that children absolutely do not need. And here we see a great combination of intelligence, novelty, and most importantly - children whose eyes kindle with interest. I am thankful to everyone who takes part in this wonderful project. And I wish the children that their interest and desire to create is not lost, but only developed with the support of our wise teachers, wonderful adults whose eyes also kindle with interest.

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