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At VII International Forum "Arctic: Present and Future", Artur Parfenchikov Presented Projects on Development of Northern Regions of Republic that are Part of Arctic zone

At the VII International Forum "The Arctic: Present and Future", Artur Parfenchikov, the Head of Karelia, presented the development projects of the northern territories of the Republic. These are complex projects that should ensure the creation of a unified Arctic transport system, the modernization of the energy infrastructure, the rational use and deep processing of mineral, forest and biological resources.

Artur Parfenchikov named the development of logistics the main task called. According to him, the Karelian Arctic zone is an important transport hub.

"There is the concentration and the intersection of railway transport, motor transport not only in the Russian direction, but also in the direction of the European Union. And the gradual reconstruction of the White Sea-Baltic canal can become an even more important mean of communication with the Arctic," the Head said.

The most significant project in this area is the construction of a new seaport in Belomorsk with an investment volume of about 15 billion rubles. The creation of a terminal for the organization of passenger transportation along the Belomorsk - Solovki route is also planned.

Artur Parfenchikov noted that the Arctic zone of Karelia has all prerequisites for the development of a variety of types of environmental, natural, sports, adventure tourism. At the same time, the northern regions can play the role of a transit territory on the way to the White Sea and Solovki.

The development of active fish breeding and breeding of bioresources is also connected with the White Sea. Besides, the water area and the Karelian coast of the White Sea is a potential site for the development of mariculture - the cultivation of mussels, laminaria and fucus - and the creation of biotechnological and food industries based on the processing of aquatic biological resources.

Great prospects for the development of the northern territories of Karelia are related to the implementation of projects in the field of energy. In the Kemsky district Arctic zone, two Belorozhsky hydroelectric power stations with a capacity of 49.8 MW are under construction. This is the first project that involves funds of the New Development Bank. The total investment amount is 12 billion rubles. In the Belomorsky district, a Marine wind power plant with a capacity of 60 MW is planned to be built. The approximate total amount of financing is up to 9 billion rubles.

The Head of Karelia noted that the Arctic territories of the Republic can be interesting in the context of using and processing forest resources: wild plants, the potential of timber industry and mining complexes.

Artur Parfenchikov also said that the idea of creating an Arctic training center that will include a training center, a training complex and a nursery for dogs participating in Arctic expeditions is currently being worked out in the Republic.

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