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Karelia continues to equip its healthcare organizations using money from Russia's Reserve Fund

The Republic of Karelia continues to equip its healthcare organizations using money from the Stabilization Fund of the Russian Federation (the so-called 'Reserve Fund').

Russia's federal budged has allocated more than 250 million rubles for purchasing expensive medical equipment for five healthcare facilities in Karelia: Baranov Hospital of Karelia, Children's Hospital of Karelia, Petrozavodsk Emergency Care Hospital, Oncology Center of Karelia, and Central Hospital of Kondopoga District.

The Head of Karelia, Artur Parfenchikov, has visited Petrozavodsk Emergency Care Hospital and Oncology Center of Karelia to inspect new equipment delivered there a few days ago.

The healthcare providers has demonstrated him the new equipment, reviewed the workflows and performance indicators of the hospital departments which will use the purchased equipment, and explained the benefits of using modern technology for patient care.

Petrozavodsk Emergency Care Hospital has bought four premium lung ventilation systems worth a total of more than 16 million rubles. Valery Yasinsky, the head of the hospital's Intensive Care Unit (ICU), said that now ICU is almost fully equipped with modern technical instruments for restoring and maintaining lost or impaired respiratory function in critical patients of the General Surgery and Medical Therapy Departments, which is necessary for providing emergency and long-term intensive care. The annual throughput of Petrozavodsk Emergency Care Hospital's ICU is about five thousand patients, and for many of them artificial lung ventilation is a life-saving measure.

The head of Petrozavodsk Emergency Care Hospital, Alexey Kheifets, outlined the development perspectives for the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Department, one of the most important units of the hospital.

Oncology Center of Karelia used the allocated sum of more than 15 million rubles for purchasing the second endoscopy video system for the Surgery Department, required to perform a large number of thoracoscopies and laparoscopies. Using two equipment sets will reduce time to surgery and improve the operating room throughput. The Head of the Surgery Department, Kirill Ignatyev, has also explained than such modern devices have improved specifications for more sharp and realistic visualization, which enables to reduce the duration of a surgical procedure, increase the surgical accuracy and prevent possible complications.

The head of Oncology Center, Yervand Khidishyan, said that installing such modern equipment will improve the patients' access to high-end medical services.

"The federal aid has enabled us to buy modern life-saving equipment and thereby significantly increase the capability of our healthcare facilities. We expect this work to be continued. Recently, Russia's Reserve Fund has allocated almost 70 million rubles for purchasing medical equipment for children's outpatient hospitals and departments in Petrozavodsk and the regions of Karelia. Another 74 million rubles allocated from the federal budget will be spent on buying 11 modular and 2 mobile rural health posts. We believe it will substantially improve local healthcare quality and efficiency in the coming years," - said Artur Parfenchikov.

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Created: March 7, 2018. Last updated: March 7, 2018.
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