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Largest sports center in Karelia will be built in Petrozavodsk

The construction site has been inspected by the Head of the Republic of Karlelia.

Today, the Head of Karelia Arthur Parfenchikov has made a working visit to the site where a new sports complex is expected to be built in Petrozavodsk. The participants of the meeting discussed a number of issues related to the development of the territory located at the intersection of two large city districts - Perevalka and Drevlyanka.

Leonid Beluga, the president of Lotos Holding Company, presented the plans for the construction of the largest sports center in Karelia. This ambitious project is expected to be completed approximately within a year and a half - by the autumn of 2019.

The new sports complex will be attached to the Lotos Plaza shopping and entertainment center from the Universitetskaya Street. The complex should include a large sports pool with 7 tracks (25 meters each), a separate swimming pool for children (12 meters long and 6 meters wide), several gyms with a total area of more than 1800 square meters, rooms for group classes in dance, gymnastics, martial arts and yoga, as well as cardio zone with various types of simulators.

Training programs will be designed for both children and adults. The complex will include a spa with saunas and a relaxation area. The estimated throughput of the sports complex will be about 1200 people a day.

Arthur Parfenchikov stressed the importance of ensuring security for the future mass sports complex:

"This is going to be a huge object, and we have to make sure there will be no dead zones, hindering the evacuation process, if any. It is already necessary to plan all the evacuation exits. Almost a third of Petrozavodsk residents live in this district. So, it is very important to provide tens of thousands of our citizens with such sports facilities within a walking distance from their homes, and it is clear that these facilities will be actively used," the Head of Karelia said.

Arthur Parfenchikov, the Head of Petrozavodsk Municipal District Irina Miroshnik and the president of Lotos Holding Company Leonid Beluga have laid down a symbolic capsule in the foundation of the future sports complex.

The participants of the meeting have also discussed the possibility of creating a new park in Petrozavodsk, which could be named Patriot Historical Park. This joint project of Karelian Government, Karelian Ministry of Culture and Karelian National Museum is being implemented with the support of Lotos Plaza shopping and entertainment center. The park is expected to be located between the Neglinka River and Siktivkarskaya Street, where Petrozavodsk line of defense was constructed during WWII.

This park will help to get important patriotic messages across to the younger generations. It is expected to feature interactive areas for children and adults, as well as exhibitions of military weapons and equipment.

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