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The Administrative-Territorial Division of the Republic of Karelia About Karelia


Administration of the Head
of the Republic of Karelia

Lenin street, 19, Petrozavodsk,
Republic of Karelia, 185028
Reception: +7(814-2)79-93-09
For Organizations: +7(814-2)79-93-69
For Citizens: +7(814-2)79-93-75
Fax: +7(814-2)79-93-91, 79-93-92
Teletype: 165394 FLAG RU
(814-2)79-93-53, (814-2)79-93-50

The White Sea-Baltic Canal
The canal connects the White Sea (near the town of Byelomorsk) to Onego lake (near Povenets settlement). The waterway from the center of the country to the north was already known in the 16-17 centuries. The famous Sovereign's Road was laid through these places in the summer of 1702 by thousands of Russian peasants. A few construction projects of the canal were developed in the 19 century. However, none of them has been implemented because of a large scope of work which required huge financial expenditure. The decision on construction of the canal was made in February, 1931...

November, 26

Customs office of Karelia: "Christmas begins on the border" Фотоматериалы

November, 24

The All-Russian Tourism Week was launched in Karelia Фотоматериалы

November, 21

Alexander Khudilainen had a meeting with a delegation of regional councils of South Karelia and South Savo Фотоматериалы

Head of Karelia has discussed prospects of household waste recycling project implementation with a delegation of the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) Фотоматериалы

A meeting with coordinator of Russian-Norwegian projects in the sphere of agriculture of the province of Finnmark took place in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fish and Hunting Industry of the Republic of Karelia Фотоматериалы

November, 19

Head of Karelia and Consul General of Norway in St.Petersburg have discussed prospects and options to enhance bilateral cooperation Фотоматериалы

November, 17

Head of the republic has opened the new site of the federal highway P-21 Kola in Pryazha region to traffic Фотоматериалы

The National Library of the Republic of Karelia was a venue for concluding seminar of the project Libraries Make a Difference: New Forms of Library Activity for Local Communities Фотоматериалы

November, 14

The Church of the Transfiguration of Our Saviour of the Kizhi Pogost architectural ensemble is evidenced in the Unified National Register of the Cultural Heritage Objects of Peoples of the Russian Federation Фотоматериалы

November, 13

The fourth session of the State Commission on preparation for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Karelia will take place in Petrozavodsk on December, 16 Фотоматериалы

November, 12

Head of Karelia inspects reliability of power supply in the settlement of Reboly Фотоматериалы

The National Library of the Republic of Karelia is hosting a concluding seminar of the Libraries Make a Difference: New Forms of Library Activity for Local Communities project Фотоматериалы

The Red Book of Karelia for Children to be presented at the National Library of the Republic of Karelia Фотоматериалы

November, 10

The White Road project prepares recommendations to attract tourists Фотоматериалы

October, 31

Vitaly Sergeev is appointed Acting Minister of Construction, Housing and Communal Services, and Energy of the Republic of Karelia

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November 28, 2014

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