Grand Tour "All Karelia" is the winner of the "Treasures of Russia" competition of the National Geographic Traveler

“The Treasures of Russia” is an online poll by the National Geographic Traveler dedicated to the travel opportunities in Russia. For four months, users of the magazine's official website cast their votes for the attractions, popular places and objects in various regions of Russia in 10 nominations. The candidates with the largest number of votes entered the top five.

According to the results of the competition, the 3rd place in the nomination “Excursion Route” was given to the Grand tour “All Karelia” from the tour operator “Scan Tour”. The 3-day tour includes a visit to the most popular tourist attractions in Karelia: the Ruskeala mountain park, the Kizhi museum-reserve, the Kivach reserve, the village of Kindasovo, the Girvas volcano, and the Akhvenkoski waterfalls.

The Grand Tour “All Karelia” received the status of the National Brand Route in 2020. It is included in the federal project “Silver Necklace” and is recommended by the Russian Geographical Society.