By the end of the year, three industrial and technology parks will operate in Karelia

The head of the republic, Artur Parfenchikov, inspected the construction progress of the “Karelskiye Producty” technopark in Petrozavodsk.

The technopark “Karelskiye Producty” is being built in Zareka under the national project “SMEs and Support for the Individual Entrepreneurial Initiatives”. The facility readiness is about 70%.

- The technopark will specialize in food production. A special sanitary protection zone has been established here. All conditions will be created for the organization of “clean industries” for processing of meat, algae, production of biologically active supplements, breakfast cereals and many other innovative products, - said the representative developer Vitaly Markov. - Construction is on schedule. The weather allows us to gradually move on to a more or less final stage. In June we plan to start external area improvement and asphalt road paving. The area of the technopark will be 13 thousand sq.m., but due to the large number of people wishing to become its residents, we are already considering the possibility of upgrading and increasing the number of areas.

At present, installation of metal roof trusses, construction of partition walls of the building right wing have been completed at the facility, and its perimeter has been completely finished. The developer proceeded with installation of the left wing roof trusses and wall panels. Installation of the concrete floors on the second floor of the administrative part continues. The works on laying of the external networks are being completed.

- One of the conditions of the technopark for the residents is production innovativeness. The first specialized biological laboratory in Karelia will also appear here, and our food producers will no longer need to bring their samples to St. Petersburg, - Artur Parfenchikov shared. - In early autumn, we will simultaneously begin accepting the residents’ applications. The project is very convenient both in terms of location and configuration. All the necessary conditions for the workers will be created here, there will be a small boiler room, floors with production facilities. The technopark is already included in the register of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, which means that the residents will be able to receive additional federal preferences.

It is planned that by the end of the year three industrial technoparks will operate in Karelia. Since 2020, the “Yuzhnaya Promzona” technopark has been operating in Petrozavodsk, specializing in stone processing. This year it will also be included in the register of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. Two more technoparks, “Onezhsky” and “Karelskiye Producty”, are under construction. Their launch is scheduled for the end of 2023. “Onezhsky” in Kondopoga will produce packaging, including an alternative to Tetra Pak. “Karelskiye Producty” in Petrozavodsk will provide space for food producers.