The State Commission for the Preparation for the 100th Anniversary of the Foundation of Karelia managed to attract more than 126 billion rubles to the republic

This was stated by the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev at the final meeting of the State Commission, which is being held in Moscow today.

The State Commission for the preparation of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Karelia was formed by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation in April 2013. Among its main tasks were improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants of Karelia, creation of additional jobs, and revitalization of social and economic development, including through strengthening the investment attractiveness and modernizing the transport and social infrastructure.

As the Chairman of the State Commission, the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev noted, in order to solve all these issues, it was possible to attract financial resources to the republic, including investments, in the amount of more than 126 billion rubles.

“As a result, positive dynamics was provided in the republic social and economic development. Thus, the volume of the gross regional product has almost doubled, more than 22 thousand jobs have been additionally created and modernized,” Nikolai Patrushev emphasized. He also noted that almost 15 billion rubles were invested in the development of the Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill alone.

“After the paper machine commissioning, the plant became the only producer of environmentally friendly high durability bag paper in the country. Today its products are exported to 70 countries of the world. It is planned to invest 55 billion rubles additionally,” mentioned the Secretary of the Security Council.

Among the drivers of the region economic development, “Karelsky Okatysh”, “Petrozavodskmash”, the PPM “Kondopozhsky”, as well as the renewed Onega shipbuilding and ship repair plant were mentioned. The fish farming industry also received an impulse for development. Today Karelian fish products are in demand far beyond the borders of the republic. The production of its own feeds and juvenile trout was launched.

Development of the transport infrastructure has become an important area of work of the State Commission. Petrozavodsk airport is one of the largest projects that have been successfully implemented. A modern, comfortable, fitted with the latest equipment air terminal complex was opened to receive passengers on August, 20. Now the residents of the republic have access to flights to Moscow, Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Cherepovets and Arkhangelsk, as well as to Sochi, Anapa and Simferopol in the summer period. Flights to Finland will be organized in the near future. In addition, new routes of high-speed trains “Lastochka” have been launched. Several buses were purchased to organize regular intercity transportation. The railway station of Petrozavodsk has acquired its modern look.

The members of the state commission paid special attention to social issues. The opening of the republican Perinatal Center and a hospital in Sortavala, mobile medical units purchase, midwifery units construction (36 MUs have already been commissioned), and the renewal of the ambulance fleet have largely influenced the improvement of the healthcare services quality and accessibility.

“The important results of the measures taken were the increase in the average population life expectancy by 3.5 years and the decrease in infant mortality by 38%,” Nikolai Patrushev noted in his speech. He also mentioned that the construction of new educational institutions in the republic made it possible to completely cover the need for places in kindergartens for children from 3 to 7 years old.

Summing up the results, the Secretary of the Security Council informed that the State Commission had completed its work, however, the tasks of further improvement of the quality of life of the population of Karelia and the socio-economic development of the republic remained valid.

“There are additional opportunities for solving new tasks based on the results achieved by the State Commission,” Nikolai Patrushev noted.

According to him, the approved individual program of social and economic development of the Republic of Karelia for 5 years, as well as national projects and opportunities for development of the northern regions of Karelia based on the development strategy of the Arctic territories of the Russian Federation, should be used as implementation mechanisms.