New eco-camping "KareliaTour" opened in the Sortavalsky district

By the summer season of 2023, the company “Kareliatour” has opened a new eco-camping site with the same name. The facility is located near the village of Ryuttyu in the Sortavalsky district.

4 cozy travel huts, 2 glamping tents for complete immersion in nature, a sanitary unit, equipped picnic places, silence and long-awaited tranquility for the residents of megacities. The eco-camping can accommodate 14 people at a time. “Kareliatour” offers its guests comfortable accommodation as well as individual, author's excursions. A targeted approach to tourists is the hallmark of the company.

A feature of the new campsite is its unique location. It is in a 15-minute drive from the Ruskeala mountain park, a 3-minute drive from the federal highway by a good primer, suitable even for miniature women's cars, a 10-minute walk from the Ryuttyu railway station. And at the same time, despite the proximity to one of the most popular Karelian sights today, it provides complete privacy.

The opening of the eco-camping was facilitated, among other things, by the subsidy received in 2022 under the national project “Tourism and Hospitality Industry”.

– Our goal is to create conditions for the guests of Karelia, our guests, to stay longer in the Karelian land, learn our history and culture, get acquainted with the customs and traditions. And the state assistance is a good help for starting a business, - said Sergey Antonchenko, the head of “Kareliatour”.