Facilities for caviar incubation and hutchling breeding will soon open in the Kondopozhsky district

The project in Yanishpole is being implemented by OOO “Fedorenko N.V.”. The Prime Minister of the Government of Karelia Alexander Chepik got acquainted with the preparations for the launch of the incubation and breeding center which uses closed water circulation technology.

During a working trip to the Kondopozhsky and Medvezhyegorsky regions, the Prime Minister of the Government of Karelia Alexander Chepik visited several fish farms which implement important investment projects in the region.

Nikolai Fedorenko’s company of is known far beyond the borders of Karelia. He was one of the first in the republic to launch commercial fish farming. Today, the entrepreneur develops two important areas at once. One of them is the creation of the facilities for keeping valuable fish species broodstock: trout, cisco, broad whitefish, muksun, as well as opening of the facilities for incubation of caviar and hutchling breeding with a capacity of 10 million population per year on the basis of the former Sunskaya poultry farm. The investment volume in the project is 500 million rubles.

- One of these days we will bring in caviar and start working. The facility is designed for 1.5 million fish juveniles. The whole production cycle will be organized. The specimens grown up to three grams will be moved to a closed water circulation device designed for 50 tons of hutchling. And here caviar will be laid in again, – Nikolay Fedorenko said. – It is planned to create 15 new jobs in the workshops.

The second important project is construction of a plant for fish feed production in the village of Berezovka on the basis of the former brick factory. The planned volume of investments is 1.2 billion rubles. The plant will include a production facility with a capacity of 50 thousand tons per year and warehouses for storage of the products, raw materials and ingredients. It is planned to launch the enterprise before the end of this year and to reach full production capacity next year.

- These are unique projects of the Russian level. It is necessary to support construction of the feed mill and the incubation and breeding center. In modern conditions, this issue is important to ensure food security of Russia. Next year we will plan the regional support measures. Now we will involve the federal authorities. All other regions can be guided by Karelia in this sphere. We have the best experience, and there are professionals we can rely on, - said Alexander Chepik.

In addition, the company launched a smoking shop last year. It was placed in a separate new building. There is a new fish salting shop nearby. The production of veterinary fish oil (omega-3) has also been launched. Fish oil is obtained from the remains of fish products. Thereby, production has actually become waste-free.

In addition to the main activity, the enterprise takes on many social projects aimed at development of the Kondopoga region. Thus, in the Sunskaya school in Yanishpole, the trout breeder repaired the gym and purchased some of the equipment. With the support of the enterprise, the first floor of the institution is being renovated. Nikolai Fedorenko also regularly sends fish to the Karelian fighters in the SMO zone.

Another individual entrepreneur Gennady Gutyro also takes an active part in the social and economic life of the Kondopoga region settlements. In Berezovka, he has a fish processing facility with a capacity of 600 tons of raw materials per year and a facility for production of insulated containers for fish transportation and storage. Recently, the entrepreneur has funded maintenance of a kindergarten, a school, a cultural centre, an administration building of the settlement and other facilities.

In the Medvezhyegorsk region, the Prime Minister of the Government of Karelia visited the trout farm “Nord-Ost-Rybprom”. In 2022, the enterprise grew about 2 thousand tons of fish, which is almost 30% more than the previous year. The volume of tax payments to the budget amounted to more than 208 million rubles.

- Now we employ 144 people. Most of them are the local residents. We help in arranging playgrounds, providing equipment. This year, thermal underwear was sent to our Karelian SOBR in the SMO zone, - Ilya Onishchenko, the Deputy General Director of “Nord-Ost-Rybprom”, told about socially oriented projects.

The government of Karelia controls the environmental protection measures taken by the trout breeders.

– Every quarter we pass mandatory fish and water tests to the laboratories and veterinary services of Karelia and the Leningrad Region, – Ilya Onishchenko reported to the Prime Minister.