SPIEF - 2024. A ski and balneological resort will be built in Karelia with an investment volume of more than 21 billion rubles

The location is the village of Spasskaya Guba in the Kondopoga district. The resort, scheduled to open in 2030, will be located on the shores of Lake Munozero. During the project implementation, it is expected to create 1,200 new jobs.

On June 6, at the site of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, an agreement on cooperation was signed between the Government of Karelia and OOO “Ski Recreational Balneological Resort “Spasskaya Guba” for the purpose of implementing an investment project. It involves the creation of an all-season ski recreational balneological resort "Vereyar".

– For Karelia, the development of tourism is a priority strategic task, and we are glad that we were able to attract such a large-scale interesting project to create a world-class all-season resort with a focus on skiing and medical infrastructure. The opening of the resort will provide the republican budget with additional several billion rubles, – said the Head of Karelia, Artur Parfenchikov.

The location of the project is the village of Spasskaya Guba, the Kondopoga district. It is expected that the resort will receive 280 thousand tourists a year.

– The total area of ​​the complex will be 5 thousand hectares. There will be a large number of rooms available here - hotels, cottages, townhouses. The first highlight of the project is that it will be a ski resort: 40 km of slopes, 14 lifts. The second highlight is a balneological resort with 250 health procedures, – said Alexey Mazin, the president of the OOO “SRBR “Spasskaya Guba”.

Close to the resort, there are two health institutions. One of them is the Marcial Waters resort, founded by Peter the Great in 1719 on the basis of ferruginous mineral springs. Besides, in the Kondopoga district, there is the clinic “Kivach”, a health treatment facility specializing in the provision of general medical services. Thus, a medical cluster will be created in Karelia, which will include three popular facilities for the tourists and guests of Karelia.

– The volume of investment in the project is 21 billion rubles. The Government of Karelia is considering the project as an anchor resident of the special economic zone of the tourist and recreational type “Spasskaya Guba”. Today we are already preparing an application for the special economic zone creation. A special legal regime for investors and tax incentives will be established in the territory, and large-scale development of engineering infrastructure is planned, – said Artur Parfenchikov.