The Government of Karelia discussed the technology of garbage processing "Hardferm"

On August 6, the Head of Karelia Arthur Parfenchikov held a video conference meeting with the heads of municipalities and the leadership of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities and Energy of the Republic of Karelia, and the regional operator of LLC “AUTOSPETSTRANS”. The main issue of the meeting was the use of “Hardferm” waste recycling technology in Karelia.

It should be reminded that “Hardferm” allows you to get biogas and biosoil from sorted solid municipal waste. From 60% to 80% of raw materials can be involved in the process. From 20% to 40% of the sorted raw materials will be sent to deep processing. Biogas can be used as fuel in boiler houses, and the obtained ecological soil can be used for technological transfer of waste layers at the landfill itself, during land reclamation, in forest plantations.

Now the bulk of the waste in Karelia is collected in mixed form in containers. The approximate percentage of waste fractions collected in a separate way is only 3-4%. All selected fractions are exported, as a rule, outside the republic. The remaining generated waste (96%) without treatment and pre-sorting is places at 18 authorized landfills. Thus, the man-made pollution increases every year, worsening the state of the environment.

The Head of Karelia Arthur Parfenchikov emphasized that the time has come to change the current situation with waste and landfill management.

- On the one hand, we must ensure understandable economy of the waste management process, and on the other hand, minimize the damage to the environment. Today we have a system of waste disposal in non-equipped landfills, the issues of recycling are not being addressed,” the Head of the region said. He also noted that, first of all, it is necessary to solve the issue of management of the waste, which will not be sent for recycling.

The First Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Karelia Alexey Pavlov spoke about the immediate plans for construction of the Ecotechnopark in the Prionezhsky district, which will include a landfill, a modern waste sorting complex, with a capacity of up to 280 thousand tons and the processing facilities. It is planned to use a set of equipment on the "Hardferm" technology. In addition to the Ecotechnopark, in order to ensure a uniform load, it is planned to build 17 garbage transfer stations in the regions of Karelia with sorting elements and sites for the temporary accumulation of bulky construction waste, electronics and electrical equipment waste and tires. The Ministry of Natural Resources of Karelia has already begun the transfer of land from the forest fund to industrial land for the construction of the Ecotechnopark.

The Head of Karelia reminded once again that it is necessary to solve the issue of waste management in a comprehensive manner, obtaining the maximum economic benefit, calculating logistics, the possible construction of mobile energy capsules not only close to Petrozavodsk, but also in other regions of Karelia.

Arthur Parfenchikov instructed the Ministry of Natural Resources of Karelia and other interested departments to provide the necessary estimates of the cost of building capacities using the Hardferm technology, to formulate the proposals for capsule locations in the regions of Karelia for the subsequent provision of biogas for heating houses in these regions, and to use the mechanism of cross-border cooperation between Karelia and Finland.

Let us recall that the approval of the draft territorial waste management scheme in Karelia continues. Currently, the project developer is making changes taking into account the accepted comments and suggestions from the residents and organizations of Karelia. On August 26, the new version of the draft scheme will be published on the website of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Karelia.