On the initiative of the Head of Karelia and supported by the President, construction of high-rise buildings of rural postal offices began

The first post office in the country built on the technology of prefabricated wooden structures started working in the settlement of Shuya in the Prionezhsky district.

A large-scale modernization and bringing the post offices and objects located in rural areas to standard are being carried out on behalf of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. As part of its implementation, a new modern building of the Russian Post was built in the village of Shuya. It was built in just a month and a half with the frame design technology. The modular office was built according to the “northern” project, taking into account the climatic conditions, and has a high level of energy efficiency. The building “turnkey” construction and installation was carried out by the group of companies “Karelsky Profil”.

The postal service object was opened by the Head of the Republic, Artur Parfenchikov, and the general director of the Russian Post, Mikhail Volkov. The new department will serve the residents of Shuya village and nearby settlements.

- Today, we started a unique project, we opened the first post office in Russia built with modern wooden house constructions. The Karelian producer is ready to establish production of such buildings, ensuring the necessary needs of the Russian Post for the whole country, - said Artur Parfenchikov.

The Head of Karelia emphasized the significant role of the post offices for the residents of villages and towns, especially remote ones.

- It is important for us that the Russian Post is expanding the format of work and provided services in the country. The post offices here are, in essence, a window to the world, so we must make them modern. A system of marketplaces should come to the rural post office, so that a resident of a remote village can use the same goods as a city resident, - noted the regional leader.

New post offices will also open in the village of Tuksa in the Olonetsky district, in the village of Vedlozero in the Pryazhinsky district and in the village of Pyalma in the Pudozhsky district by October 1.