Karelia is the leader in the number of the Arctic zone residents

7 Karelian investors have already been included in the register of the residents of the Arctic zone of Russia.

As of December 4, 2020, there are seven investors from the Republic of Karelia in the Register of the Residents of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation, therefore, the region occupies a leading position along with its northern neighbor, the Murmansk Region. There are the investment projects for a total amount of almost 1.5 billion rubles and creation of 217 new jobs in the Belomorsky, Kemsky, Segezha municipal districts and the Kostomuksha urban district.

It’s worth mentioning that the Register of the Residents can be found on the Investment Portal of the Arctic Zone: https://investarctic.com/.

This year, the Arctic was recognized as the largest economic zone in the world. For entrepreneurs who have received the status of a resident of the Arctic zone, an impressive package of tax and non-tax preferences is provided.

Let us remember that 38% of the republic territory is recognized as Arctic. These are Loukhsky, Kemsky and Belomorsky municipal districts, as well as included Kostomuksha urban district, Segezha and Kalevala national municipal districts.

In order to successfully implement the federal legislation, the Ministry of Economic Development and Industry of the Republic of Karelia and the Joint Stock Company “Corporation for Development of the Republic of Karelia” carry out daily work with entrepreneurs.

More detailed information on obtaining the status of the Arctic zone resident can be found in the attached booklet.