More than a hundred kilometers of the federal roads in Karelia will be repaired this year

The work is planned on four sections of the “Kola” highway and two sections of the A-137 highway - the P-21 “Kola” highway – “Tiksha - Ledmozero - Kostomuksha - border with the Republic of Finland”.

On the main highway artery of the region, the P-21 “Kola” highway, a total of more than 74 kilometers will be updated: from the 815th to the 831st, from the 831st to the 849th (the Belomorsky and Kemsky districts) and from the 949th to the 969th and from the 989th to the 1009th km (the Louhi district). Road workers will remove the old asphalt concrete coating, then they will install the levelling and top layers of asphalt concrete. In areas where culverts are being repaired and in the areas with difficult ground, the installation of an underlying layer and two base layers is also provided. Upon completion of the roadway renovation, old road signs will be replaced, markings will be applied, and in places where there is a solid center line, a milled noise band will be installed. This technology has proven itself well on other sections of the road.

On the A-137 highway (from the 205th to the 233rd km), it is planned to dismantle the old pavement and construction elements. Then the road pavement will be laid here: an underlying layer, two base layers, a levelling layer and two main layers of asphalt concrete. Road workers will repair culverts and junctions, install barrier fencing, install road signs and signal posts, and apply markings.

It should be noted that last year in Karelia a major overhaul of the sections of the federal roads A-215 and A-137 with a total length of more than 45 km was completed, and construction of a new 21-kilometer section of the A-121 “Sortavala” highway was finished.

To resolve issues related to maintenance of the federal highways on the territory of Karelia in the event of emergency situations there, you should contact the 24-hour telephone numbers of the territorial center of the institution: +7 (8142) 44-44-77.

The operational situation on the federal roads of Karelia can be monitored via the section of the official website of the FKU Uprdor “Kola”.