PetrSU won a grant for development of a unique scientific installation for Arctic biomedicine

A unique scientific installation (USI), built within the cooperation of PetrSU with the company “K-SkAI” (Skolkovo Foundation resident), got a development grant in the amount of 150 million rubles.

The leading scientific and research universities of Russia competed for the scientific grant which provides a subsidy for development of material and technical infrastructure.

“Here at PetrSU, we have a strong team of the Institute of Medicine, which has repeatedly proved its leadership positions as a research team, a team of professional clinicians. By solving large-scale scientific problems that cover several areas and priorities of scientific and technological development, we will be able to move to advanced digital, intelligent production technologies, to create systems for processing large amounts of data with machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, to implement the transition to personalized medicine, high-tech healthcare and health-preserving technologies,” mentioned Professor Anatoly Voronin, PetrSU Rector.

“Our cooperation with PetrSU is focused on joint activities and project development in the field of artificial intelligence technologies. With no doubt, it helps to expand the possibilities of Webiomed platform, to form a stable territorial and industrial partnership between a scientific organization and a technological company,” emphasized K-SkAI Chief Executive Office Roman Novitsky.

The unique scientific installation is the first multicomponent software and hardware complex for biomedical purposes used in the Arctic zone of Russia. It represents a unified research platform for the comprehensive study of humans following the “molecule-cell-tissue-organ-organism-environment” system.

The unique scientific installation, in close cooperation between Russian and foreign partners, conducts research and development in the field of molecular genetics, oncoimmunology, neurophysiology, bioregulation, cell biology, pharmacology, epidemiology, cardiology, perinatal medicine and bioinformatics, combining the achievements of fundamental medicine and real clinical practice, meeting modern challenges of scientific and technological progress.

The installation is integrated with the AI-enabled predictive analytics and risk assessment in healthcare Webiomed, which allows using artificial intelligence methods to analyze data and determine the risks of developing diseases, as well as suspected diseases and complications.