More than 300 kilometers of federal roads in Karelia and the Murmansk region were renewed last year

A part of the road work was completed much ahead of schedule.

The most noticeable changes occurred on the highways A-137 (“Kola” - Tiksha - Ledmozero - Kostomuksha - border with the Republic of Finland”) and A-215 (Lodeynoye Pole - Vytegra - Prokshino - Plesetsk - Brin-Navolok, the entry point to Petrozavodsk) in Karelia, where work on a phased overhaul began. At the overhaul sites, the subgrade and road pavement were renewed, the drainage system and local water and wastewater treatment facilities were installed, and two layers of asphalt concrete were laid. Both roads were transferred to the federal ownership several years ago and were in extremely poor condition at the time of the ownership change. During the overhaul, a section of the “Kola” highway near the border with the Leningrad Region in the Olonetsky district of Karelia was also updated.

In addition, three sections (more than 60 kilometers) of the “Kola” highway in the Murmansk region and five sections (of the A-119 and A-121 highways) - more than 50 kilometers - in Karelia were repaired.

The wear courses (the upper part of the coating, which provides the necessary adhesion of the wheels of a vehicle to the road and saves its main structures) were replaced on more than 130 km of the federal roads in Karelia. A part of the work was completed ahead of schedule. Thus, the renewal of the entry points to Petrozavodsk and the airport of the Karelian capital, planned for a year, was completed in less than a month and a half. Earlier, and also much ahead of schedule, the wear courses at the entry point to Belomorsk were replaced.

Let us remember that today, there are more than 2,700 kilometers of the roads in Karelia and the Murmansk region in the zone of responsibility of “Uprdor Kola”.

“Uprdor Kola” provides service for:

- Р-21 “Kola” (including the entry points to Murmansk, Petrozavodsk, Kem, Belomorsk, the airports of Murmansk and Petrozavodsk, the international automobile border-crossing points “Suoperya” and “Lotta”);

- A-121 “Sortavala” (including the entry to the international checkpoint “Vyartsilya”);

- A-119 Vologda - Medvezhyegorsk – the road P-21 “Kola”;

- A-137 highway P-21 “Kola” - Tiksha - Ledmozero - Kostomuksha - the state border with the Republic of Finland;

- A-215 Lodeynoye Pole - Vytegra - Prokshino - Plesetsk - Brin-Navolok, the entry to the city of Petrozavodsk.

The subordinate road network includes 10 transport junctions at different levels and four roundabouts, more than 220 bridges, a pedestrian overpass, and seven tunnel-type overpasses.