The President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin confirmed the continuation of gas infrastructure development in Karelia

The head of the state announced this at the international energy forum, which took place in Moscow on October 11. They discussed a project for Karelia to receive gas from the Volkhov – Murmansk – Belokamenka gas pipeline branch. The Head of the Republic of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov took part in the forum.

The Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin emphasized that the project would be aimed at gasification of both social facilities and residential buildings.

– The Murmansk region and Karelia will receive gas from the Volkhov – Murmansk – Belokamenka gas pipeline branch. The gas pipeline will be laid for the project for liquefied gas production on the Kola Peninsula, the Head of the State said. “However, a part of its capacity, namely up to ten billion cubic meters per year, will be used to supply enterprises, social facilities, residential buildings in Karelia and the Murmansk region and to develop environmentally friendly power generation.

Arthur Parfenchikov, on behalf of the residents of the region, thanked the President of Russia for the further gasification of Karelia.

– Giving a speech at the plenary session of the energy forum, the Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin spoke about important changes in the global energy sector. He paid a lot of attention to the topic of the national energy market development, in particular, gasification of regions, – said the Head of Karelia. – The President noted the importance of continuing social gasification, having proposed to expand the list of gas recipients, to include the SMO participants and people with disabilities. This project is also important for the Arctic zone gasification. The head of the state also emphasized the importance of preventive measures to regulate the fuel market and prevent price spikes.

Recall that currently 7,714 houses in Karelia will be subject to additional gasification, 2,454 applications have been submitted, 2,084 contracts have been concluded. Gas has already been supplied to the sites under 869 contracts. The majority of applications are under construction of new street gas distribution networks.