Karelian entrepreneurs signed 35 international contracts with the assistance of the Export Support Center

The export contracts were concluded in 2022 to the amount of 8.9 million US dollars.

Export activity in the region continues to develop, entering new markets for its products. The Fund “Export Support Center of the Republic of Karelia” provides active assistance in entering international markets for small and medium-sized businesses in the region.

Over the past year, the Fund supported 305 Karelian enterprises from various fields of activity, having provided more than 600 services aimed at promoting companies in foreign markets. The Export Support Center helps conduct individual marketing and patent research of foreign markets, create and upgrade websites in a foreign language, register on international electronic trading platforms, and maintain an export contract.

One of the most effective areas of support for the republican small and medium-sized businesses is organization of participation of the regional exporters in international exhibitions and sales missions.

In 2022, the Fund financed participation of 22 companies in 9 international exhibitions.

In order to establish new partnerships and then to reorient the markets for the Karelian products, the Fund organized 3 sales missions to the friendly states, which 14 regional companies took part in. The main result of the trips was conclusion of cooperation agreements between the Karelian companies and the enterprises of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus.

Currently, according to the results of the Fund's work in 2022, the export-oriented entrepreneurs of the region signed 35 export contracts, which is 2.2% higher than in 2021. The total amount of concluded contracts amounted to 8.9 million US dollars.

“Following the results of performance in 2022, our center achieved good results, with a high degree of efficiency in spending subsidy funds for services aimed at promoting the Karelian companies on the international market, which made it possible to receive funding for events in 2023 in a larger volume than it had originally been planned. We understand that next year the intensity of work will be high. The plans include organizing international sales missions, searching for partners for our companies in the target markets of foreign countries, financing participation of the exporters in international exhibitions and other services that will help expand the market channels for the Karelian manufacturers,” said Olga Zakharova, the head of the regional Export Support Center.