The overhaul of the access road to the Russian-Finnish border will be completed in 2020

FSI Uprdor “Kola”, subordinate to Rosavtodor, has begun the overhaul of the last 11-kilometer section of 42-54 km of the access road to “Värtsilä” international automobile checkpoint (IACP).

After completion of the work, it will have two traffic lanes with a width of 3.5 meters each with asphalt coating. The road workers will replace 40 pipe culverts in unsatisfactory condition, arrange split roads with all the necessary means to ensure road safety, and build almost 2 km of sidewalks.

The repair project also provides for the construction of a site with distributed traffic flow at the entrance to the checkpoint across the state border. Auxillary lanes will be added for dividing the traffic flow for cars (the inside lane is 3.5 m wide), buses (the middle lane is 3.75 m wide) and trucks (the rightmost lane is 4 m wide). In addition, road workers will equip a waiting area with parking for vehicles.

It should be reminded that the “Access road to IACP “Vyartsilya” 54 km long was transferred to federal ownership in April 2017 and became the part of A-121 “Sortavala” federal highway. After the transfer, it was divided into four sections with a phased start of the repair work. The first section, 0-16 km, started to be brought into normative state at the end of 2017. Now it is fully ready for commissioning. In 2018, they began the work on the second section of 16-29 km. This year, road workers plan to hand over another section of 29-42 km. By the end of 2020, the road to IACP “Vyartsilya” will be fully restored to the normative condition.

The motor way “Access road to IACP “Vyartsilya” provides the pass of transit transport from the southern and central regions of Karelia to the state border with Finland. In addition, the access road is the part of the international tourist route “Blue Road”, over 2000 km long and connecting Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.