The digital shipyard under construction in the capital of Karelia is being prepared to connect the first equipment

The progress of work at the site was checked by the Head of the Republic, Artur Parfenchikov.

Today, installation of the metal structures is being completed at the construction site and the building lining is beginning. According to the head of the AO “Onego Shipyard” Vladimir Mayzus, the first production equipment will begin to be delivered to the sites of the future digital shipyard in the near future.

- At the moment, builders are completing formation of the future workshops, installation of the metal structures continues, in the near future, they will begin installation of the engineering equipment, and in a couple of weeks we will begin installation of the first technological equipment. It has already been purchased and is placed in the local warehouses. Installation, preparation for the launch and development of technological production processes lie ahead,” shared Vladimir Mayzus.

According to the head of the AO “Onego Shipyard”, the work is going according to schedule. An increase in the number of builders at the site and shifts helps to maintain it. Currently, the first transformer substation is also being installed and the facility is connected to the power supply.

- We are implementing the project for construction of the first in the country digital shipyard on behalf of the Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, under constant control from the Security Council and personally from Nikolai Platonovich Patrushev. We have not yet announced the date for laying of the first vessel on the new slipway, but this will definitely happen this year, it won’t be long,” noted Artur Parfenchikov. – Along with the construction that we can observe, a digital platform is being formed, which will be the heart of the entire enterprise and will allow the plant to become more competitive, faster, and improve the quality of ship construction. I am sure that there will be no problems with orders.

Today, two shallow-draft icebreakers, three crab boats and two oil skimmers are being built at the plant existing sites. At the beginning of January, a contract for the construction of three port tugs was signed with the FGUP “Rosmorport”. It is planned that modernization with the introduction of digital technologies will increase the enterprise productivity by at least 2.5 times. The annual number of built ships should increase from 3 to 10. During a working visit to the “Onego Shipyard”, the Head of Karelia held a meeting with the employees. Currently, the plant employs half a thousand workers; another 500 high-tech jobs will appear with the digital shipyard creation.

- The main issue at any enterprise today is personnel. We considered their preparation in advance. Thanks to the federal project “Professionalitet”, we have created appropriate areas of training at Petrozavodsk Automotive Technical School. 25 third-year students are already undergoing internship at the plant. We are preparing engineering personnel together with our university and St. Petersburg “Korabelka” (St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University), including those in the field of information technology,” said Artur Parfenchikov.

19 people are studying at St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University under targeted contracts. In addition, 7 employees of the company are receiving higher education under external degree program. Within the framework of the “Professionalitet” program, Petrozavodsk Automotive Technical School trains specialists for the AO “Onego Shipyard” in 2 main areas of training: “Shipbuilding” and “Shipbuilder-ship repairer of metal vessels”. To date, 200 people are undergoing training. The plant also trains qualified workers for shipbuilding in partnership with the Department of Labor and Employment of the Republic of Karelia through training courses for unemployed residents of the republic in the following specialties: the collector of hulls of metal vessels, the ship pipeline operator and the ship locksmith and fitter.