Repair of the most difficult section of the road to Kostomuksha started

Today, during the working visit to the Segezha district, the Head of Karelia verified the beginning of the repair work on the road to Kostomuksha. The renovation of the most difficult initial 25-kilometre section of the highway which was transferred in 2019 from the regional network to the federal maintenance, will be executed by the AO «VAD». The sum of the contract is 2.8 billion rubles.

Sergey Markov, the representative of FKU “Uprodor Kola”, said that when the road of 232 km was taken into service, about 11 kilometers of the roadbed were standards-compliant, to this date it is 85 percent.

The workers have already begun milling the old road surfaces and dismantling old culverts. The repairs of this section of the highway are expected to be completed by next year November. In 2022, it is planned to approve the project documentation for the overhaul of three more road sections.

The head of Karelia noted the importance of the repair of this most difficult part of the highway:

- On the whole the road to Kostomuksha will get better. The main idea is to do those 25 kilometers on time.

In addition to the renovation of the surfaces and the asphalt-concrete coat laying, all sections of the road are subject to major repairs, including drainage, new road signs, fences, reflective posts and stops for public transport, ditches, and marking operations.