Artur Parfenchikov: "The Army Corps in Karelia will be created on the basis of the mothballed infrastructure of the 6th Army"

The head of the republic commented on the order of the Defense Minister of Russia on creation of a new military unit in Karelia.

The head of the region Artur Parfenchikov, commenting on the order of the Minister of Defense of Russia Sergei Shoigu on creation of an army corps in Karelia, said that the Government of the republic would provide all possible assistance in disposition of the military men in the region.

“Today we see that the Americans are creating stress zones along the entire perimeter of the Russian border. Finland did not stand aside. Apparently, the line of good neighborly relations that were created by the Presidents Paasikivi and Kekkonen doesn’t now work for our Finnish partners' satisfaction. And most likely, for those who are behind them. Of course, we regret that the Finns did not take advantage of our course towards demilitarization of relations, leaving us no choice,” Artur Parfenchikov said.

As the head of Karelia noted, the authorities of the republic had previously raised the issue of returning army structures to the territory of the region and were satisfied that such a decision was made.

“On the part of the republican government, we will provide all possible assistance in disposition of the army corps in the territory of Karelia. I believe that there should not be any difficulties here, since we have preserved the 6th army mothballed infrastructure,” the Head emphasized.

The government of Karelia will also work with the federal center to build social facilities in the republic to support the military servicemen and their families.

The Minister of Defense of Russia instructed to form the army corps in Karelia at the meeting on increasing the number of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on January 17.