Reserve “Kivach” entered the top five most visited sites in Russia in 2022

The Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia has compiled a rating of the most visited federal specially protected areas over the past year. The Karelian nature reserve “Kivach” became the fourth most popular among all nature reserves in Russia. In 2022 it was visited by more than 200 thousand people.

According to the press service of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources, almost 14 million people visited specially protected natural areas of federal importance in 2022.

Last year was a turning point in terms of ecological tourism development in specially protected natural areas. In just a year, the tourist flow increased by almost 40%.

The most popular national park last year was Kislovodsk (the Stavropol Territory). It was visited by 5.3 million tourists.

The most popular reserve in the country was the Caucasian Reserve in the Krasnodar Territory. It was visited by 552,000 people. The second place among the reserves was taken by the Yalta mountain and forest reserve in the Republic of Crimea, which received 273 thousand people. On the third place is the Dagestan Reserve, which beauty was seen by 220 thousand people last year. The Karelian reserve “Kivach” with 219 thousand tourists is in the fourth place in the ranking of the most popular reserves of the year. The top five was completed by the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve near Moscow, which was visited by 120,000 tourists.

The nature reserve “Kivach” is one of the oldest reserves in Russia and the very first in Karelia. The reserve was established in 1931 to protect the nature of the Russian north. Active formation of the natural reserve fund of Karelia began from its appearance.

- Congratulations to the team of the reserve with such a high result! I wish the directorate of the reserve to develop and preserve the uniqueness of the natural area, - said the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Karelia - Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Karelia Andrey Karpilovich.