Lastochka high-speed trains will connect old city of Sortavala and Ruskeala Mountain Park with St. Petersburg and Vyborg

uring his working visit to the Sortavala District, the Head of Karelia Arthur Parfenchikov said that a new railway route is expected to be opened next year.

Karelian government and Russian Railways company have been discussing the organization of regular railway services (using Lastochka high speed trains) from St. Petersburg through the cities of Vyborg and Sortavala to Ruskeala Park.

Artur Parfenchikov said that a decision had already been made to open this new railway route next May.

Comfortable high-speed trains will bring passengers to the city of Sortavala and Ruskeala Mountain Park, making these destinations even more attractive to tourists.

"We hope to increase the number of visitors, especially from Finland," Arthur Parfenchikov said. "No doubt that these trains will be very popular among the tourist."

This new railway route will pass through the historic city Vyborg, providing the residents of Karelia and the Ladoga Region with a quick way to get to this very beautiful and interesting city through Sortavala.

Each Lastochka train will consist of five cars with a total of 349 seats. Each car will have water dispensers, access to the Internet (providing there is a stable signal) and a passenger information system; passengers will be offered hot meals.