Karelia is one of the three leading regions in job creation in the Arctic

The head of Karelia, Artur Parfenchikov, held a meeting of the Arctic Development Council, where they discussed the tools for social and economic development of the Arctic territories of the region.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Karelia for Economic Affairs Dmitry Rodionov, the Arctic residents are implementing 67 new investment projects in Karelia. The greatest concentration of the projects is in Kostomuksha, the Segezhsky and the Loukhsky districts.

- Development of the Arctic territories of Karelia is a strategic priority. We attract all kinds of resources to develop the North, preserve the population and support business under special conditions. The new programs and projects implemented in the Arctic on behalf of the President of Russia allow us to effectively solve social, infrastructural and economic issues, - noted the Head of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov.

In recent years, a whole range of instruments for social and economic development of the Arctic territories has been created at the federal level. New programs and projects, which Karelia takes an active part in, appear every year. It is a special economic regime, a “single Arctic subsidy”, support for reference settlements, the “Hectare in the Arctic”, “Arctic Mortgage”, “Children of the Arctic” programs and the “Clean Arctic” project.

- Today, the Arctic projects investment flow has already amounted to 17.2 billion rubles, 30% of the planned jobs have been created. Karelia is one of the three leading regions in terms of planned parameters of jobs creation, and the total volume of tax revenues to the budget from the residents over three years is about 3.3 billion rubles, - said Dmitry Rodionov.

A quarter of the residents are involved in the tourism sector, followed by the social sector and services, the construction industry and development.

Today, “Karelsky Okatysh” is implementing one of the largest projects in the modern Arctic and is among the TOP 4 in terms of investment in the Arctic. The company has invested 9.4 billion rubles.

Besides, a new production facility, OOO “Shveinaya fabrika “Arktika”, was opened in Kostomuksha on the site of the “AEK” enterprise this year. The presence of the Arctic preferences and benefits will make it possible to employ 350 people within the framework of this project. Based on the results of professional training, more than 60 people have already started working.

Over the past two years, 8 projects were completed. They were the hotel construction in the city of Segezha, opening of a technical inspection point for cars and trucks, organized work on extraction of building stone and its further processing, wood processing is underway, etc.

According to the Head of the Republic, the region participation in the projects implementation is one of the keys to creation of favorable conditions for running business. Thus, a resident of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation can additionally receive comprehensive support from the region besides tax benefits, preferential rate of insurance contributions and land without bidding. The regional support for investors from 2020 to the present has exceeded 500 million rubles. These are subsidies and grants to SMEs, infrastructure support, concessional lending, grants in the field of tourism, etc.

On behalf of the President of the Russian Federation, a list of reference settlements has been determined in the Arctic, including the Kem-Belomorsk agglomeration. This choice is made due to concentration of the most important infrastructure facilities there. There are berthing facilities on the White Sea, the White Sea-Baltic Canal, large railway stations there, as well as mineral deposits (molybdenum, gold, building stone), investment projects implementation and the UNESCO World Heritage Site “The White Sea Petroglyphs”.

In 2024, a master plan for the agglomeration development and a comprehensive plan for social and economic development of this territory will be developed. Thanks to this, it is planned to attract additional federal funds for the districts development.

Photo – the press office of the AO “Karelskyi Okatysh”.