Roads to the popular tourist sites were repaired in Karelia

The national project “Safe High-Quality Roads” helped bring the facilities into standard condition.

The repair of a section of the regional highway Medvezhyegorsk - Tolvuya - Velikaya Guba with the length of more than 25 km, which is a part of the route to the island of Kizhi, has been fully completed. The famous open-air museum is an object of cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia, which is included in the UNESCO List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Let us remind that in 2021-2022, over 82 kilometers of this road were repaired.

The repair work on the section of the P-21 “Kola” – Kalevala – Lonka highway, from the 138th to the 150th km, with a length of more than 12 km, which began in 2022, has been completed. This road provides access to the Kalevalsky National Park. The protected natural area was created in 2007 to preserve a large area of natural forests and is distinguished by the diversity of animals species living in it.

Thanks to the national project, the “Kondopoga-Gorka” and “Golysheva Novinka - Maloe Gangozero” highways with a length of more than 41 km have been repaired. You can use them to get to the tourist bases of the Kondopoga region.

The repair of the “Access to the settlement of Kuganavolok” highway, more than 55 kilometers long, which leads to the famous Vodlozersky National Park, continues. The park was founded in 1991, among other things, to revive the cultural and historical heritage of the European north of Russia.

The repair of sections of the Vidlitsa-Kinelahta-Vedlozero highway, from the 50th to the 65th km, with a length of almost 10 km, which you can use to get to the unique village of Kinerma, is being finalized. This is one of the popular tourist destinations in the republic as the ancient Karelian culture has been preserved here. In 2016, following the results of the competition, it was recognized as the most beautiful village in Russia.

It should be noted, that over 140 km of such roads in total will be brought to the standard under the national project “Safe High-Quality Roads” in 2023.