An art residence for creative guests of Karelia opened in Petrozavodsk

The art residence was created within the framework of the project “Karelian Network of Art Residences and Art Tourism” with the financial support of the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland. Apart from Petrozavodsk, two more residences appeared in Kostomuksha and Sortavala.

The Petrozavodsk art residence is located in a separate building in the historical part of the city in the very center of Petrozavodsk. The Sortavala art residence is located in a historical building, an architectural monument and is a subdivision of the Social and Cultural Youth Center. The art residence of the reserve “Kostomukshsky” is located in the territory of a specially protected natural area and is a well-equipped house for living and working in a pine forest on the shore of a small lake.

The international project was highly appreciated by the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Dmitry Rodionov:

“This is a successful example of the cross-border cooperation program implementation. Our residences enable creative people from all over the world, at the invitation of the Government of the Republic of Karelia, to live and create in the unique and picturesque places of Karelia.”

The new art residences will become comfortable platforms for artistry, as well as spaces for all sorts of positive changes: social, environmental and economic, which should gradually occur in these territories with the help of interdisciplinary and intersectoral initiatives implemented by the Karelian network of art residences.

Together with the Finnish partner, the “Karelia Expert” company, the work has been carried out to develop cross-border routes of the common concept “Two Countries - One Karelia”. Karelia, in this case, is considered to be a single space, although divided by a border, but having a common geological and political history, rich cultural, linguistic and gastronomic traditions, and a beautiful natural landscape. Various tour options have been developed, offering to combine a visit to both Finnish Karelia and Russian Karelia in one trip, while the participants of the tours have the opportunity to create their own creative projects under the guidance of a professional mentor in the art field. These routes were successfully presented to European travel companies at the international tourism exhibition “Matka” in January 2020 in Helsinki. They also received an expert assessment of the European tour operators of the German-speaking travel market.

The Minister of Economy Oleg Ermolaev noted that this project expands the opportunities for attracting a new category of tourists to the republic and embraces creative people who are looking for inspiration to create new art objects related to Karelia specifically in the region.