Karelia is among the top 10 regions of Russia in terms of the quantity of operating and newly created technology parks

In 2024, three industrial technology parks will operate in Karelia. The presidential national project “SMEs and Support for Individual Entrepreneurial Initiatives”, which is designed to support business at all stages of its development, assists in creation of modern platforms.

The industrial technopark “Karelskiye Producty” in Petrozavodsk is at the commissioning stage. It means that about 10 more small enterprises will be able to locate on preferential terms at the new production site equipped with all the necessary infrastructure. The technology park will become a unique platform for locating innovative production facilities of the Karelian entrepreneurs in the field of food production. Today, 5 small and medium-sized businesses have received the resident status as a part of the selection process carried out by the technopark management company. All of them are implementing projects for food production and water bottling.

Thus, the resident of the industrial technopark, the company OOO “Fabrika Vkusa”, having placed its equipment in an area of 768 sq. m, will produce drinks from Karelian berries and create molecular cuisine dishes based on national Karelian recipes. The residents of the technopark will be able to use its storage facilities, a food laboratory and congress and exhibition spaces. In January next year, the technology park management company will hold the next stage of selection for obtaining the resident status. The information will be posted on the official website of the technopark.

“Karelskiye Producty” is the second technology park in the republic which received support from the federal center after the industrial technopark “Yuzhnaya Promzona”, which also operates in Petrozavodsk. In the near future, the “Onezhsky” industrial technology park will be put into operation in Kondopoga. It will specialize in production of packaging materials from paper and cardboard. In total, at least 140 new jobs are planned to be created in the new industrial technology parks in 2024.