Karelia takes essential steps to improve the reliability of its electric power-supply systems

Large-scale works will be performed in all districts of the Republic as part of a three- month emergency response training program for electricians that started on October 1. The program will include route clearance, power line repair and wire replacement works.

The exercises have started today on Kirov Square with the mock drills imitating the process of eliminating the consequences of technical emergencies on power grids. The opening ceremony has been attended by the Head of Karelia Arthur Parfenchikov and Dmitry Gvozdev, Chief Engineer of Rosseti Company, Russia's largest energy grid operator.

The Head of the Republic thanked Rosseti's management for their involvement in the region.

"After assessing the situation that took place last winter, we decided to promptly collect all the necessary resources from entire Northwestern Russia in order to bring all our power lines into compliance within three months and ensure their best technical condition," said Arthur Parfenchikov. "Solutions to these issues and technical upgrade which has already been carried out this year will enable us to at least halve the number of power outages.

These exercises, conducted by Russia's largest power company PAO Rosseti, are the first drills of such scale for Karelia's energy complex. Teams from seven regions of the Northwestern Federal District will take part in the exercises.

"The main goal of our exercises is to increase the reliability of the region's power supply. The number of outages should be at least halved, and the outage time should not exceed three hours - just like everywhere else in Russia," said Dmitry Gvozdev.

More than 3,000 people and 620 units of equipment will be involved in the exercises. Material and technical support will be provided by Karelia's Office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Arthur Parfenchikov asked for some patience in case of possible power outages in Karelia.

"I am sure that all this patience will be rewarded with reliable and well-coordinated work of our energy system for years to come," he said.

Both the exercises and the region's energy complex modernization are expected to end on December 22.